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Nason, G. Co Author Listing * Image Denoising With 2D Scale-Mixing Complex Wavelet Transforms

Nasonov, A. Co Author Listing * CNN Based Retinal Image Upscaling Using Zero Component Analysis
* Image Sharpening With Blur Map Estimation Using Convolutional Neural Network
* Image Warping in Dermatological Image Hair Removal
* Single parameter post-processing method for image deblurring
* Vessel Preserving CNN-Based Image Resampling of Retinal Images
Includes: Nasonov, A. Nasonov, A.[Andrey]

Nasonov, A.V.[Andrey V.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive total variation deringing method for image interpolation
* Edge-Directed Image Interpolation Using Color Gradient Information
* Edge-preserving nonlinear iterative image resampling method
* Fast Super-Resolution Using Weighted Median Filtering
* Grid warping in total variation image enhancement methods
* Scale-space method of image ringing estimation

Nasonova, A. Co Author Listing * Deblurred Images Post-Processing by Poisson Warping
* Image Warping in Dermatological Image Hair Removal
* Vessel Preserving CNN-Based Image Resampling of Retinal Images
Includes: Nasonova, A. Nasonova, A.[Alexandra]

Nasonova, S.[Sasha] Co Author Listing * Linking Regional Winter Sea Ice Thickness and Surface Roughness to Spring Melt Pond Fraction on Landfast Arctic Sea Ice

Nasopoulou, A.[Anastasia] Co Author Listing * Feasibility of the Estimation of Myocardial Stiffness with Reduced 2D Deformation Data
* Myocardial Stiffness Estimation: A Novel Cost Function for Unique Parameter Identification
* Solution to the Unknown Boundary Tractions in Myocardial Material Parameter Estimations

Nasor, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Detection and localisation of multiple brain tumours by object counting and elimination
* Segmentation of osteosarcoma in MRI images by K-means clustering, Chan-Vese segmentation, and iterative Gaussian filtering

Nasorudin, N.N. Co Author Listing * Geospatial Database for Strata Objects Based on Land Administration Domain Model (LADM)

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