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Nang, J.[Jongho] Co Author Listing * Approach for Video Classification with Multi-label on YouTube-8M Dataset

Nang, J.H.[Jong Ho] Co Author Listing * Tile-Image Merging and Delivering for Virtual Camera Services on Tiled-Display for Real-Time Remote Collaboration
Includes: Nang, J.H.[Jong Ho] Nang, J.H.[Jong-Ho]

Nangendo, G.[Grace] Co Author Listing * Mapping East African tropical forests and woodlands: A comparison of classifiers

Nangi, S.[Sharmila] Co Author Listing * User-Guided Variable Rate Learned Image Compression

Nango, K. Co Author Listing * Development And Evaluation Of Science And Technology Education Program Using Interferometric SAR

Nangombe, S.S.[Shingirai S.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Cropland Classification Methods under Diversified Agroecological Conditions in the Zambezi River Basin

Nangtin, P.[Prasit] Co Author Listing * Gait identification with partial occlusion using six modules and consideration of occluded module exclusion

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