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Mio, W. Co Author Listing * 3D Curve Interpolation and Object Reconstruction
* Analysis of Planar Shapes Using Geodesic Paths on Shape Spaces
* Computational Approach to Fisher Information Geometry with Applications to Image Analysis, A
* Computational Model of Multidimensional Shape, A
* Contour Inferences for Image Understanding
* Density Estimators of Gaussian Type on Closed Riemannian Manifolds
* Elastic-string models for representation and analysis of planar shapes
* Hierarchical Organization of Shapes for Efficient Retrieval
* Kernel functions for robust 3D surface registration with spectral embeddings
* Kernel Methods for Nonlinear Discriminative Data Analysis
* Landmark Representation of Shapes and Fisher-Rao Geometry
* Learning Metrics for Shape Classification and Discrimination
* Model of Volumetric Shape for the Analysis of Longitudinal Alzheimer's Disease Data, A
* Modeling Brain Anatomy with 3D Arrangements of Curves
* On Shape of Plane Elastic Curves
* Recognition using Rapid Classification Tree
* Scale-Space Spectral Representation of Shape
* Shape of Elastic Strings in Euclidean Space
* Splitting Factor Analysis and Multi-Class Boosting
* Statistical Shape Analysis: Clustering, Learning, and Testing
* Transductive optimal component analysis
* Two-Stage Optimal Component Analysis
Includes: Mio, W. Mio, W.[Washington]
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