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McAulay, A.D. Co Author Listing * Optical Diffraction Inspection of Periodic Structures Using Neural Networks

McAuley, J.[Julian] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Deepfakes: Evaluating Vulnerability of Deepfake Detectors to Adversarial Examples
* Complete the Look: Scene-Based Complementary Product Recommendation
* Cross-modal Adversarial Reprogramming
* Entropy-Guided Reinforced Partial Convolutional Network for Zero-Shot Learning, An
* Image Labeling on a Network: Using Social-Network Metadata for Image Classification
* Learning Visual Clothing Style with Heterogeneous Dyadic Co-Occurrences
* Pairwise Matching through Max-Weight Bipartite Belief Propagation
Includes: McAuley, J.[Julian] McAuley, J.
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McAuley, J.J.[Julian J.] Co Author Listing * Fast Inference with Min-Sum Matrix Product
* Fast matching of large point sets under occlusions
* Graph Rigidity, Cyclic Belief Propagation, and Point Pattern Matching
* Hierarchical Image-region Labeling via Structured Learning
* Learning Graph Matching
* Optimization of Robust Loss Functions for Weakly-Labeled Image Taxonomies
* Optimization of Robust Loss Functions for Weakly-Labeled Image Taxonomies: An ImageNet Case Study
* Shape classification through structured learning of matching measures
* Unified graph matching in Euclidean spaces
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McAuliffe, M. Co Author Listing * Articulation Entropy: An Unsupervised Measure of Articulatory Precision
* Gaze2Segment: A Pilot Study for Integrating Eye-Tracking Technology into Medical Image Segmentation
* Helical CT of Von Hippel-Lindau: Semi-automated Segmentation of Renal Lesions
Includes: McAuliffe, M. McAuliffe, M.[Matthew]

McAuliffe, S. Co Author Listing * Contextual video clip classification

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