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Majd, A.[Amin] Co Author Listing * FastStereoNet: A Fast Neural Architecture Search for Improving the Inference of Disparity Estimation on Resource-Limited Platforms

Majd, B.[Bellaaj] Co Author Listing * Uncertainty Theories Based Iris Recognition System

Majda, A.[Aicha] Co Author Listing * 3D objects classification based on $P recogniser
* Efficient use of recent progresses for Real-time Semantic segmentation
* P recognizer for automatic facial emotion recognition using Kinect sensor, A
Includes: Majda, A.[Aicha] Majda, A.

Majdak, P. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Methods for Optical 3-D Scanning of Human Pinnas

Majdanski, M.[Mariusz] Co Author Listing * Integrated Geophysical Imaging and Remote Sensing for Enhancing Geological Interpretation of Landslides with Uncertainty Estimation: A Case Study from Cisiec, Poland

Majdi Nasab, N.[Nariman] Co Author Listing * Decomposing parameters of mixture Gaussian model using genetic and maximum likelihood algorithms on dental images
Includes: Majdi Nasab, N.[Nariman] Majdi-Nasab, N.[Nariman]

Majdi, K. Co Author Listing * Extraction of relief information on textured and coloured rough surfaces for the optimisation of a propagation model for wireless transmission

Majdi, M.S. Co Author Listing * Classification of Primary Cilia in Microscopy Images Using Convolutional Neural Random Forests
* Deep Learning Classification of Chest X-Ray Images
* Drive-Net: Convolutional Network for Driver Distraction Detection

Majdik, A.[Andras] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Mobile 3D Reconstruction of Urban Scenes
* Establishing Correspondences between Planar Image Patches
* MASAT: A fast and robust algorithm for pose-graph initialization
Includes: Majdik, A.[Andras] Majdik, A.[András] Majdik, A.

Majdoub, T.[Takieddine] Co Author Listing * Performance evaluation of an automotive distributed architecture based on a high speed power line communication protocol using a transaction level modeling approach

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