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Lotufo, R. Co Author Listing * Interactive digital image processing course on the World Wide Web
* Probabilistic Segmentation of Brain White Matter Lesions Using Texture-Based Classification
* Teaching image processing with Khoros
* Transfer Learning Using Convolutional Neural Networks for Face Anti-spoofing
Includes: Lotufo, R. Lotufo, R.[Roberto]

Lotufo, R.A.[Roberto A.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Scalar Maps for the Segmentation of the Corpus Callosum in Diffusion Tensor Fields
* array-based node-oriented max-tree representation, An
* Characterization of the Human Cortex in MR Images Through the Image Foresting Transform
* Comparison Between Extinction Filters and Attribute Filters, A
* comparison between k-Optimum Path Forest and k-Nearest Neighbors supervised classifiers, A
* Discrete 2D and 3D euclidean medial axis in higher resolution
* Extinction Profiles for the Classification of Remote Sensing Data
* Feature extraction for vision-guided road vehicles
* Hands-on Morphological Image Processing
* Maximal Max-Tree Simplification
* path- and label-cost propagation approach to speedup the training of the optimum-path forest classifier, A
* People-Flow Counting Using Depth Images for Embedded Processing
* Road edge extraction using a plan-view image transformation
* Road following algorithm using a panned plan-view transformation
* Speeding up optimum-path forest training by path-cost propagation
Includes: Lotufo, R.A.[Roberto A.] Lotufo, R.A.
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Lotufo, R.D. Co Author Listing * MMACH: A Mathematical Morphology Toolbox for the Khoros System

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