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Loss, L. Co Author Listing * Invariant Delineation of Nuclear Architecture in Glioblastoma Multiforme for Clinical and Molecular Association

Loss, L.A.[Leandro A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Framework for Figure-Ground Segmentation in Cluttered Backgrounds, An
* Discrimination of Natural Contours by Means of Time-Scale-Frequency Decompositions
* Feature Fusion Hierarchies for gender classification
* Investigating how and when perceptual organization cues improve boundary detection in natural images
* iterative multi-scale tensor voting scheme for perceptual grouping of natural shapes in cluttered backgrounds, An
* Iterative Tensor Voting for Perceptual Grouping of Ill-Defined Curvilinear Structures
* Perceptual Grouping Based on Iterative Multi-scale Tensor Voting
* Tunable tensor voting improves grouping of membrane-bound macromolecules
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Losseau, J. Co Author Listing * Geometric Properties of A Mechanical Forward Motion Compensation System Controlled By A Piezoelectric Drive

Losson, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * CFA local binary patterns for fast illuminant-invariant color texture classification
* Color texture analysis using CFA chromatic co-occurrence matrices
* Colour texture classification from colour filter array images using various colour spaces
* Comparison of Phase-based Sub-Pixel Motion Estimation Methods
* Frame-based reflectance estimation from multispectral images for weed identification in varying illumination conditions
* Fuzzy aura matrices for texture classification
* Fuzzy Mode Enhancement and Detection for Color Image Segmentation
* Illumination-robust multispectral demosaicing
* Sign Specification and Synthesis
* Spatio-spectral binary patterns based on multispectral filter arrays for texture classification
* Texture classification with fuzzy color co-occurrence matrices
Includes: Losson, O.[Olivier] Losson, O.
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Lossow, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Stable Water Isotopologues in the Stratosphere Retrieved from Odin/SMR Measurements

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