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Llanes, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * New Segmentation Approach for Old Fractured Pieces, A

Llano, E.G.[Eduardo Garea] Co Author Listing * Automatic Representation of Semantic Abstraction of Geographical Data by Means of Classification
* Comparative Study of Face Representations in the Frequency Domain, A
* Consensual Iris Segmentation Fusion
* Fast Adaboosting Based Method for Iris and Pupil Contour Detection, A
* Fast Method for Localization of Local Illumination Variations and Photometric Normalization in Face Images, A
* Illumination Insensitive Representation for Face Verification in the Frequency Domain, An
* Method for Segmentation of Local Illumination Variations and Photometric Normalization in Face Images, A
* Semantic Representation of Geospatial Objects Using Multiples Knowledge Domains
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Llanos, B. Co Author Listing * Do-It-Yourself Single Camera 3D Pointer Input Device
* Simultaneous Demosaicing and Chromatic Aberration Correction through Spectral Reconstruction

Llanos, C.H. Co Author Listing * Bio-inspired optimization algorithms for real underwater image restoration
* Multi-objective adaptive differential evolution for SVM/SVR hyperparameters selection
Includes: Llanos, C.H. Llanos, C.H.[Carlos Humberto]

Llanza, A. Co Author Listing * Application Guided Image Quality Estimation Based on Classification
* Feature-Based Gaze Estimation Algorithm for Natural Light Scenarios, A
* Real Time Automatic Urban Traffic Management Framework Based on Convolutional Neural Network Under Limited Resources Constraint
Includes: Llanza, A. Llanza, A.[Arcadi]

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