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Leduc Leballeur, M. Co Author Listing * Modeling L-Band Brightness Temperature at Dome C in Antarctica and Comparison With SMOS Observations
* Modelling the L-Band Snow-Covered Surface Emission in a Winter Canadian Prairie Environment
* Remote Sensing of Sea Ice Thickness and Salinity With 0.5-2 GHz Microwave Radiometry
* Retrieval of the Absorption Coefficient of L-Band Radiation in Antarctica From SMOS Observations
Includes: Leduc Leballeur, M. Leduc-Leballeur, M. Leduc-Leballeur, M.[Marion]

Leduc, F. Co Author Listing * comparative analysis of scanned maps and imagery for mapping applications, A

Leduc, J.P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Motion-Compensated Wavelet Filtering for Image Sequence Coding
* Bit-rate control for digital TV and HDTV codecs
* Group-Theoretic Construction with Spatiotemporal Wavelets for the Analysis of Rotational Motion, A
* Multiplexing digital television sources on ATM networks
* New Motion Parameter Estimation Algorithm Based on the Continuous Wavelet Transform, A
* Rotational wavelet transforms for motion analysis, estimation and tracking
* Spatio-temporal continuous wavelet transforms for motion-based segmentation in real image sequences
* Spatiotemporal Wavelet Transforms for Digital Signal Analysis
* Statistics for variable bit-rate digital television sources
* Universal VBR videocodecs for ATM networks in the Belgian Broadband Experiment
Includes: Leduc, J.P. Leduc, J.P.[Jean-Pierre]
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Leduc, M.B.[Marie Be] Co Author Listing * Mapping Wild Leek through the Forest Canopy Using a UAV
Includes: Leduc, M.B.[Marie Be] Leduc, M.B.[Marie-Bé]

Ledun, C. Co Author Listing * Geophysical and UAV-based Observations Over a Flood Defense Structure: Application to the Polder2c's Experimental Dike

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