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Lea, C.[Colin] Co Author Listing * Audio- and Gaze-driven Facial Animation of Codec Avatars
* Improved Model for Segmentation and Recognition of Fine-Grained Activities with Application to Surgical Training Tasks, An
* Segmental Spatiotemporal CNNs for Fine-Grained Action Segmentation
* Temporal Convolutional Networks for Action Segmentation and Detection
* Temporal Convolutional Networks: A Unified Approach to Action Segmentation

Lea, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Inter-Comparison Study of Multi- and DBS Lidar Measurements in Complex Terrain, An
* Long-Range WindScanner System
* Measurements of Surface-Layer Turbulence in a Wide Norwegian Fjord Using Synchronized Long-Range Doppler Wind Lidars
* RUNE Experiment: A Database of Remote-Sensing Observations of Near-Shore Winds, The

Lea, J.M.[James M.] Co Author Listing * Remote Detection of Surge-Related Glacier Terminus Change across High Mountain Asia

Lea, P. Co Author Listing * Signature line detection in scanned documents

Lea, R.M. Co Author Listing * Modular Massively-Parallel Computing Approach to Image-Related Processing, A

Lea, S.M. Co Author Listing * Finding water depths from synthetic remotely sensed images
* Segmentation of diverse image types using opening and closing
* Semi-automated Maltese front position determination

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