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Lantada, N.[Nieves] Co Author Listing * New Approach for Photogrammetric Rock Slope Premonitory Movements Monitoring
* Rockfall Magnitude-Frequency Relationship Based on Multi-Source Data from Monitoring and Inventory

Lanteri, H. Co Author Listing * Restoration of Astrophysical Images: The Case of Poisson Data with Additive Gaussian Noise
Includes: Lanteri, H. Lantéri, H.

Lanterman, A. Co Author Listing * Implementation of Jump-Diffusion Algorithms for Understanding FLIR Scenes
* Representations of Thermodynamic Variability in the Automated Understanding of FLIR Scenes
* Unification of Detection, Tracking, and Recognition for Millimeter Wave and Infrared Sensors, The

Lanterman, A.D.[Aaron D.] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Segmentation via Asymptotic Partition Functions
* General Metropolis-Hastings Jump Diffusions for Automatic Target Recognition in Infrared Scenes
* Implementation of a Modified Richardson-Lucy Method for Image Restoration on a Massively Parallel Computer to Compensate for Space-Variant Point Spread of a Charge-Coupled-Device Camera
* Phase retrieval from noisy data based on minimization of penalized I-divergence
Includes: Lanterman, A.D.[Aaron D.] Lanterman, A.D.

Lantini, L. Co Author Listing * Diagnosing Emerging Infectious Diseases of Trees Using Ground Penetrating Radar
* Enhanced Data Processing Framework for Mapping Tree Root Systems Using Ground Penetrating Radar, An
* Health Monitoring of Tree Trunks Using Ground Penetrating Radar
* Use of Ground Penetrating Radar and Microwave Tomography for the Detection of Decay and Cavities in Tree Trunks, The
Includes: Lantini, L. Lantini, L.[Livia]

Lantsman, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Decoding Children's Social Behavior

Lantuejoul, C. Co Author Listing * Geodesic Methods in Quantitative Image Analysis
* Morpholog: A Software Package for the Quantitative Image Analysis

Lantuit, H.[Hugues] Co Author Listing * Long-Term High-Resolution Sediment and Sea Surface Temperature Spatial Patterns in Arctic Nearshore Waters Retrieved Using 30-Year Landsat Archive Imagery
* Monitoring Inter- and Intra-Seasonal Dynamics of Rapidly Degrading Ice-Rich Permafrost Riverbanks in the Lena Delta with TerraSAR-X Time Series
* Spatio-Temporal Variability of Suspended Particulate Matter in a High-Arctic Estuary (Adventfjorden, Svalbard) Using Sentinel-2 Time-Series
* TerraSAR-X Time Series Fill a Gap in Spaceborne Snowmelt Monitoring of Small Arctic Catchments: A Case Study on Qikiqtaruk (Herschel Island), Canada

Lantz, E. Co Author Listing * Subpixel Detection of the Center of an Object Using a Spectral Phase Algorithm on the Image

Lantz, K. Co Author Listing * Interactive Aids for Cartography and Photo-Interpretation: Progress Report

Lantz, T.C.[Trevor C.] Co Author Listing * Accuracy, Efficiency, and Transferability of a Deep Learning Model for Mapping Retrogressive Thaw Slumps across the Canadian Arctic
* Climate Sensitivity of High Arctic Permafrost Terrain Demonstrated by Widespread Ice-Wedge Thermokarst on Banks Island
* Detecting Landscape Changes in High Latitude Environments Using Landsat Trend Analysis: 1. Visualization
* Identifying active retrogressive thaw slumps from ArcticDEM
* Impacts of Climate Change and Intensive Lesser Snow Goose (Chen caerulescens caerulescens) Activity on Surface Water in High Arctic Pond Complexes

Lantz, V. Co Author Listing * Framework for Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Accelerometer and EMG Sensors, A

Lantzanakis, G.[Giannis] Co Author Listing * X-SVM: An Extension of C-SVM Algorithm for Classification of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

Lantzman, A. Co Author Listing * Direct Method for Restoration of Motion Blurred Images

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