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Lanik, A.[Ales] Co Author Listing * Annotating Images with Suggestions: User Study of a Tagging System
* SUNAR Surveillance Network Augmented by Retrieval
Includes: Lanik, A.[Ales] Láník, A.[Aleš]

Lanini, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Method for tracking moving object by means of specific characteristics

Lanitis, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * email: Lanitis, A.[Andreas]: lan AT sv1 smb man ac uk
* Active Shape Model Search using Pairwise Geometric Histograms
* Active Shape Models: Evaluation of a Multi-Resolution Method for Improving Search
* Age interval and gender prediction using PARAFAC2 and SVMs based on visual and aural features
* Artwork Identification in a Museum Environment: A Quantitative Evaluation of Factors Affecting Identification Accuracy
* Augmented Reality Cultural Route at the Xeros River Valley, Larnaca, Cyprus
* Automatic Face Identification System Using Flexible Appearance Models
* Automatic Interpretation and Coding of Face Images Using Flexible Models
* Automatic Tracking, Coding and Reconstruction of Human Faces using Flexible Appearance Models
* Building and Using Flexible Models Incorporating Grey-Level Information
* Comparing Different Classifiers for Automatic Age Estimation
* Evaluating the Impact of a Virtual Reality Application in Raising Awareness Toward the Destruction of Cultural Heritage Sites
* Evaluating the performance of face-aging algorithms
* FG2015 age progression evaluation
* Flexible 3D Models from Uncalibrated Cameras
* General Non-Linear Method for Modelling Shape and Locating Image Objects, A
* Generic System for Classifying Variable Objects using Flexible Template Matching, A
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue: Selected Papers from the International Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics
* Image Based 3d Face Reconstruction: A Survey
* Modeling the Process of Ageing in Face Images
* Modelling the variability in face images
* Multi-Resolution Search with Active Shape Models
* Non-Linear Point Distribution Modelling using a Multi-Layer Perceptron
* Nonlinear Point Distribution Modeling Using a Multilayer Perceptron
* Overview of Research Activities in Facial Age Estimation Using the FG-NET Aging Database, An
* Overview of research on facial ageing using the FG-NET ageing database
* Paintings Alive: A Virtual Reality-Based Approach for Enhancing the User Experience of Art Gallery Visitors
* Preparing Student Mobility Through a VR Application for Cultural Education
* Presenting Cypriot Cultural Heritage in Virtual Reality: A User Evaluation
* Quantitative evaluation of the effects of aging on biometric templates
* Simulating Age Effects on Face Images
* Statistical Models of Face Images: Improving Specificity
* Statistical Models of Face Images: Recent Advances
* Toward Automatic Simulation of Aging Effects on Face Images
* Towards Automatic Face Identification Robust to Ageing Variation
* Tracking and Recognizing Hand Gestures, Using Statistical Shape Models
* Unified Approach for Coding and Interpreting Face Images, A
Includes: Lanitis, A.[Andreas] Lanitis, A.
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