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Lakhal, A. Co Author Listing * Series Expansions of the Reconstruction Kernel of the Radon Transform over a Cormack-Type Family of Curves with Applications in Tomography

Lakhal, M.I. Co Author Listing * Learnable Masks for Pose-Guided View Synthesis
* Novel-view Human Action Synthesis
* Pose Guided Human Image Synthesis by View Disentanglement and Enhanced Weighting Loss
* Recurrent neural networks for remote sensing image classification
* Residual Stacked RNNs for Action Recognition
* View-LSTM: Novel-View Video Synthesis Through View Decomposition
Includes: Lakhal, M.I. Lakhal, M.I.[Mohamed Ilyes]

Lakhan, A.[Abdullah] Co Author Listing * ITS Based on Deep Graph Convolutional Fraud Detection Network Blockchain-Enabled Fog-Cloud
* Mobility Aware Blockchain Enabled Offloading and Scheduling in Vehicular Fog Cloud Computing

Lakhan, V.C. Co Author Listing * Development and Testing of a Subpixel Mapping Algorithm

Lakhani, F.[Fred] Co Author Listing * Content-Based Image Retrieval for Semiconductor Process Characterization

Lakhani, G.[Gopal] Co Author Listing * DCT Coefficient Prediction for JPEG Image Coding
* Derivation of Prediction Equations for Blocking Effect Reduction
* Distribution-Based Restoration of DCT Coefficients
* Enhancing Poisson's Equation-Based Approach for DCT Prediction
* Image Fitting Using arctan for JPEG AC Coefficient Prediction
* Improved Equations for JPEGs Blocking Artifacts Reduction Approach
* Improved Huffman code tables for JPEG's encoder
* Improved Image Reproduction from DC Components
* Improving DC Coding Models of JPEG Arithmetic Coder
* Improving Image Decomposition Method of the 3-MRC Coding of Scanned Compound Document Images
* Modified JPEG Huffman coding
* Modifying JPEG Binary Arithmetic Codec for Exploiting Inter/Intra-Block and DCT Coefficient Sign Redundancies
* Optimal Filling of FG/BG Layers of Compound Document Images
* Optimal Huffman Coding of DCT Blocks
* Suppressing first row/column coefficients of DCT blocks for lossless JPEG code reduction
Includes: Lakhani, G.[Gopal] Lakhani, G.
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Lakhani, K.R.[Karim R.] Co Author Listing * Detecting figures and part labels in patents: competition-based development of graphics recognition algorithms

Lakhani, N.B.[Narinder B.] Co Author Listing * Space and Time Efficiency of the Forest-of-Quadtrees Representation

Lakhankar, T.[Tarendra] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Spatiotemporal Variability of SMAP Soil Moisture Accuracy in a Deciduous Forest Region
* Evaluating Satellite Products for Precipitation Estimation in Mountain Regions: A Case Study for Nepal
* Mapping and Attributing Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Trends for Nepal
* Validation of NOAA-Interactive Multisensor Snow and Ice Mapping System (IMS) by Comparison with Ground-Based Measurements over Continental United States
Includes: Lakhankar, T.[Tarendra] Lakhankar, T.

Lakhassassi, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis and design of dickson charge pump for EEPROM in 180nm CMOS technology
* design of a new resistor string DAC for phones applications in 130nm technology, A

Lakhdar, A.M.[Abdelmounaim Moulay] Co Author Listing * Study of performance of a second-generation wavelet video encoder with a scalable rate

Lakhdar, Y. Co Author Listing * Clustering based on density estimation using variable kernel and maximum entropy principle

Lakhera, R.C. Co Author Listing * Interferometric SAR for characterization of ravines as a function of their density, depth, and surface cover

Lakhia, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient interactive rendering of detailed models with hierarchical levels of detail

Lakhili, Z.[Zouhir] Co Author Listing * Image reconstruction by Krawtchouk moments via digital filter

Lakhmani, S.G. Co Author Listing * Agent Transparency and Reliability in Human-Robot Interaction: The Influence on User Confidence and Perceived Reliability

Lakhmiri, I.[Ilias] Co Author Listing * Simple but Effective Approach to Video Copy Detection, A

Lakhote, A.[Abhishek] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Active Ground Subsidence in the Dibrugarh and Digboi Areas of Assam, Northeast India, Using the PSInSAR Technique

Lakhotia, A. Co Author Listing * Unmanned Vehicles Come of Age: The DARPA Grand Challenge

Lakhotia, S.[Sourav] Co Author Listing * ViTOL: Vision Transformer for Weakly Supervised Object Localization

Lakhouaja, A. Co Author Listing * Arabic information retrieval: Stemming or lemmatization?

Lakhrissi, Y. Co Author Listing * Web mining techniques and applications: Literature review and a proposal approach to improve performance of employment for young graduate in Morocco

Lakhssassi, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Model-based extraction of image area descriptors using a multi-scale attention operator
* Monitoring Thermal Stress in Wafer-Scale Integrated Circuits by the Attentive Vision Method Using an Infrared Camera
* Outlier-Resistant Dissimilarity Measure for Feature-based Image Matching
* Visual Attention-Guided Approach to Monitoring of Medication Dispensing Using Multi-location Feature Saliency Patterns
Includes: Lakhssassi, A.[Ahmed] Lakhssassi, A.

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