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Knyaginin, D.[Dmitry] Co Author Listing * Accelerating AI using next-generation hardware: Possibilities and challenges with analog in-memory computing

Knyaz, V. Co Author Listing * Face Pose Recognition Based on Monocular Digital Imagery and Stereo-Based Estimation of its Precision
* Human Vision Pathology Diagnostics by Photogrammetrics Means
* Multi-media Projector: Single Camera Photogrammetric System For Fast 3d Reconstruction
* Spectrum-based Object Detection and Tracking Technique for Digital Video Surveillance

Knyaz, V.A. Co Author Listing * 3d Images for Automated Digital Odontometry
* 3d Reconstruction and Image Processing of Anthropological Archaeological Findings
* 3D Reconstruction of a Complex Grid Structure Combining UAS Images and Deep Learning
* 3d Reconstruction of Ice Shape Using Visible and Thermal Range Imaging For Aircraft Icing Study
* Application of Photogrammetric Techniques in Palaeoodontological Studies Trough Automated Digital Shape Analysis of Human Teeth
* Automated calibration technique for photogrammetric system based on a multi-media projector and a CCD camera
* Automated Digital Odontometric Study of Manual and Computer-aided Methods of Tooth Crown Modelling in Dentistry
* Automated Digital Odontometry: Measurement Data Analyses In Cases Of Complicated Dental Morphology
* Deep Learning of Convolutional Auto-Encoder for Image Matching and 3D Object Reconstruction in the Infrared Range
* Dense 3d Object Reconstruction Using Structured-light Scanner and Deep Learning
* Determining Tooth Occlusal Surface Relief Indicator By Means Of Automated 3D Shape Analysis
* Generative Adversarial Networks for Single Photo 3D Reconstruction
* Image-based 3d Reconstruction And Analysis For Orthodontia
* Image-to-voxel Model Translation for 3d Scene Reconstruction and Segmentation
* Image-to-Voxel Model Translation with Conditional Adversarial Networks
* Joint Geometric Calibration of Color And Thermal Cameras For Synchronized Multimodal Dataset Creating
* Machine Learning for Approximating Unknown Face
* Measurements of Cuspal Slope Inclination Angles In Palaeoanthropological Applications
* Optical 3D Measurements In Hydrodynamic Tunnel for Aircraft Icing Study
* Orientation Vs. Orientation: Image Processing for Studies of Dental Morphology
* Photogrammetric technique for teeth occlusion analysis in dentistry
* Photogrammetric Technique for Timber Stack Volume Contol
* Photogrammetric Techniques for Analysis And Visualization of Changes In 2d And 3D Data: Plastic Surgery Application
* Photogrammetry-based Automated Measurements For Tooth Shape And Occlusion Analysis
* Scalable Photogrammetric Motion Capture System 'MOSCA': Development and Application
* ThermalGAN: Multimodal Color-to-Thermal Image Translation for Person Re-identification in Multispectral Dataset
* Vision Based Automated Anthropological Measurements and Analysis
* Wire Structure Image-based 3d Reconstruction Aided By Deep Learning
Includes: Knyaz, V.A. Knyaz, V.A.[Vladimir A.]
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Knyazev, B.[Boris] Co Author Listing * Context-aware Scene Graph Generation with Seq2Seq Transformers
* Generative Compositional Augmentations for Scene Graph Prediction
* Leveraging Large Face Recognition Data for Emotion Classification
Includes: Knyazev, B.[Boris] Knyazev, B.

Knyazikhin, Y.[Yuri] Co Author Listing * Abiotic Controls on Macroscale Variations of Humid Tropical Forest Height
* Amazon Forests' Response to Droughts: A Perspective from the MAIAC Product
* Analyses of Impact of Needle Surface Properties on Estimation of Needle Absorption Spectrum: Case Study with Coniferous Needle and Shoot Samples
* Application of Physically-Based Slope Correction for Maximum Forest Canopy Height Estimation Using Waveform Lidar across Different Footprint Sizes and Locations: Tests on LVIS and GLAS
* Diffuse sky radiation influences the relationship between canopy PRI and shadow fraction
* EPIC Spectral Observations of Variability in Earth's Global Reflectance
* Evaluation of MODIS LAI/FPAR Product Collection 6. Part 1: Consistency and Improvements
* Evaluation of MODIS LAI/FPAR Product Collection 6. Part 2: Validation and Intercomparison
* Evaluation of spectrodirectional alfalfa canopy data acquired during DAISEX'99
* Evaluation of the MODIS LAI/FPAR Algorithm Based on 3D-RTM Simulations: A Case Study of Grassland
* Generating Global Products of LAI and FPAR From SNPP-VIIRS Data: Theoretical Background and Implementation
* Implications of Whole-Disc DSCOVR EPIC Spectral Observations for Estimating Earth's Spectral Reflectivity Based on Low-Earth-Orbiting and Geostationary Observations
* Influence of Leaf Specular Reflection on Canopy Radiative Regime Using an Improved Version of the Stochastic Radiative Transfer Model
* Interplay between Photons, Canopy Structure, and Recollision Probability: A Review of the Spectral Invariants Theory of 3D Canopy Radiative Transfer Processes, An
* Prototyping of LAI and FPAR Retrievals from MODIS Multi-Angle Implementation of Atmospheric Correction (MAIAC) Data
Includes: Knyazikhin, Y.[Yuri] Knyazikhin, Y.
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