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Jui, P.C.[Ping Chang] Co Author Listing * Error Resilient Motion Estimation for Video Coding
* Joint Source-Channel Video Coding Based on the Optimization of End-to-End Distortions
Includes: Jui, P.C.[Ping Chang] Jui, P.C.[Ping-Chang]

Jui, S.[Shangling] Co Author Listing * Deep Demosaicing for Edge Implementation
* Generative Feature Replay For Class-Incremental Learning
* Semantic Drift Compensation for Class-Incremental Learning
Includes: Jui, S.[Shangling] Jui, S.

Jui, S.J.J.[S. Janifer Jabin] Co Author Listing * Kernel Ridge Regression Hybrid Method for Wheat Yield Prediction with Satellite-Derived Predictors
* Spatiotemporal Hybrid Random Forest Model for Tea Yield Prediction Using Satellite-Derived Variables
Includes: Jui, S.J.J.[S. Janifer Jabin] Jui, S.J.J.[S Janifer Jabin]

Jui, S.L. Co Author Listing * Brain MRI Tumor Segmentation with 3D Intracranial Structure Deformation Features
* Generalized Source-free Domain Adaptation
* Incremental Meta-Learning via Episodic Replay Distillation for Few-Shot Image Recognition
* ReNAS: Relativistic Evaluation of Neural Architecture Search
Includes: Jui, S.L. Jui, S.L.[Shang-Ling]

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