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Jou, B.[Brendan] Co Author Listing * BasisNet: Two-stage Model Synthesis for Efficient Inference
* Characterizing Sources of Uncertainty to Proxy Calibration and Disambiguate Annotator and Data Bias
* From pixels to sentiment: Fine-tuning CNNs for visual sentiment prediction
* Multilingual visual sentiment concept clustering and analysis
* Robust Object Co-detection
* survey of multimodal sentiment analysis, A

Jou, B.J.D.[Ben Jong Dao] Co Author Listing * Inter-Zone Differences of Convective Development in a Convection Outbreak Event over Southeastern Coast of China: An Observational Analysis
* Time-Lagged Ensemble Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts for Three Landfalling Typhoons in the Philippines Using the CReSS Model, Part II: Verification Using Global Precipitation Measurement Retrievals
* Uncertainty in Measured Raindrop Size Distributions from Four Types of Collocated Instruments
Includes: Jou, B.J.D.[Ben Jong Dao] Jou, B.J.D.[Ben Jong-Dao]

Jou, F.D.[Fan Di] Co Author Listing * Efficient matching of large-size histograms
* Efficient multi-resolution histogram matching for fast image/video retrieval
Includes: Jou, F.D.[Fan Di] Jou, F.D.[Fan-Di]

Jou, H.T.[Hyeong Tae] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning of High-Resolution Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery for Classifying Halophyte Species: A Comparative Study for Small Patches and Mixed Vegetation
Includes: Jou, H.T.[Hyeong Tae] Jou, H.T.[Hyeong-Tae]

Jou, I.C.[I. Chang] Co Author Listing * Analysis of hidden nodes for multi-layer perceptron neural networks
* Neural Network-Based On-Line Chinese Character Recognition System, A
* On-line signature verification based on logarithmic spectrum
* Online Signature Verification Based on Split and Merge Matching Mechanism
* Online Signature Verification Using LPC Cepstrum and Neural Networks
* Toward Blind Robust Watermarking of Vector Maps
* Zooming techniques on digital Chinese character patterns: a further study and improvement
Includes: Jou, I.C.[I. Chang] Jou, I.C. Jou, I.C.[I-Chang]
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Jou, J.L.[Jyh Liang] Co Author Listing * Image coding from wavelet transform maxima and projection onto convex sets
Includes: Jou, J.L.[Jyh Liang] Jou, J.L.[Jyh-Liang]

Jou, J.M. Co Author Listing * Fast and Efficient Lossless Data Compression Method, A
* Gray Prediction Search Algorithm for Block Motion Estimation, The

Jou, J.Y.[Jinn Yeu] Co Author Listing * Improved Initial Approximation and Intensity-Guided Discontinuity Detection in Visible-Surface Reconstruction
* Improving Visible-Surface Reconstruction
Includes: Jou, J.Y.[Jinn Yeu] Jou, J.Y.[Jinn-Yeu]

Jou, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Bridging Unsupervised and Supervised Depth from Focus via All-in-Focus Supervision
* CLCC: Contrastive Learning for Color Constancy
* Network Space Search for Pareto-Efficient Spaces

Jou, M.[Michelle] Co Author Listing * Accenture-MM1: A Multimodal Person Recognition Dataset

Jou, S. Co Author Listing * Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm and Design for Real Time QFHD High Efficiency Video Coding

Jou, S.Y. Co Author Listing * QFHD 30-frames/s HEVC Decoder Design, A

Jou, Y.D. Co Author Listing * Efficient Weighted Least Squares Algorithm for the Design of FIR Filters

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