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Jindahra, P. Co Author Listing * Short-Run Route Diversion: An Empirical Investigation into Variable Message Sign Design and Policy Experiments

Jindal, A.[Akshit] Co Author Listing * Army of Thieves: Enhancing Black-Box Model Extraction via Ensemble based sample selection
* Blockchain-Based Authentication Scheme and Secure Architecture for IoT-Enabled Maritime Transportation Systems, A
* novel bacterial foraging technique for edge detection, A
Includes: Jindal, A.[Akshit] Jindal, A.[Anish] Jindal, A.[Akhil]

Jindal, A.K. Co Author Listing * Face Template Protection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Jindal, G.D. Co Author Listing * Parallel support vector architectures for taxonomy of radial pulse morphology

Jindal, I.[Ishan] Co Author Listing * OPAD: An Optimized Policy-based Active Learning Framework for Document Content Analysis

Jindal, K.[Komal] Co Author Listing * novel EEG channel selection and classification methodology for multi-class motor imagery-based BCI system design, A

Jindal, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive block sub-sampling algorithm for motion-estimation on SIMD processors
* Model-Guided Segmentation and Layout Labelling of Document Images Using a Hierarchical Conditional Random Field
Includes: Jindal, M. Jindal, M.[Megha]

Jindal, M.K. Co Author Listing * Classification of characters and grading writers in offline handwritten Gurmukhi script
* k-nearest neighbor based offline handwritten Gurmukhi character recognition
* On Segmentation of Touching Characters and Overlapping Lines in Degraded Printed Gurmukhi Script
Includes: Jindal, M.K. Jindal, M.K.[Manish Kumar]

Jindal, N.[Neeru] Co Author Listing * Hybrid deep learning and machine learning approach for passive image forensic
* Image and video processing using discrete fractional transforms
* Non-local Approach to Shape from Ambient Shading, A
* Window Detection in Facades
Includes: Jindal, N.[Neeru] Jindal, N.[Nitin]

Jindal, P.[Prashant] Co Author Listing * DC-Gnet for detection of glaucoma in retinal fundus imaging
* Denoising of computed tomography using bilateral median based autoencoder network
* GC-NET for classification of glaucoma in the retinal fundus image
* OCLU-NET for occlusal classification of 3D dental models
* PC-SNet for automated detection of prostate cancer in multiparametric-magnetic resonance imaging

Jindal, S.[Swati] Co Author Listing * CUDA-GHR: Controllable Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Gaze and Head Redirection

Jindal, T.[Tanvi] Co Author Listing * probabilistic approach to detect mixed periodic patterns from moving object data, A

Jindo, K.[Keiji] Co Author Listing * Dry Matter Yield and Nitrogen Content Estimation in Grassland Using Hyperspectral Sensor
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Detection and Prediction of Damage Caused by Potato Cyst Nematode G. pallida on Selected Potato Cultivars

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