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Imre, E.[Evren] Co Author Listing * 3-Component Inverse Depth Parameterization for Particle Filter SLAM, A
* Big Data Analysis for Media Production
* Calibration of Nodal and Free-Moving Cameras in Dynamic Scenes for Post-Production
* Covariance estimation for minimal geometry solvers via scaled unscented transformation
* Coverage evaluation of camera networks for facilitating big-data management in film production
* Learning Dense Wide Baseline Stereo Matching for People
* Modular Scheme for 2D/3D Conversion of TV Broadcast, A
* Moving Camera Registration for Multiple Camera Setups in Dynamic Scenes
* Multi-view Consistency Loss for Improved Single-image 3d Reconstruction of Clothed People
* Order Statistics of RANSAC and Their Practical Application
* Piecewise-Planar 3D Reconstruction in Rate-Distortion Sense
* Prioritized Sequential 3D Reconstruction in Video Sequences with Multiple Motions
* Rate-Distortion Based Piecewise Planar 3D Scene Geometry Representation
* Rate-Distortion Efficient Piecewise Planar 3-D Scene Representation From 2-D Images
* Through-the-Lens Multi-camera Synchronisation and Frame-Drop Detection for 3D Reconstruction
* Through-the-Lens Synchronisation for Heterogeneous Camera Networks
* Towards 3-D scene reconstruction from broadcast video
Includes: Imre, E.[Evren] Imre, E.
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Imre, S. Co Author Listing * Perceived quality of angular resolution for light field displays and the validy of subjective assessment

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