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Hsung, T.C. Co Author Listing * Boundary filter design for multiwavelets
* Deblocking Technique for Block-transform Compressed Image Using Wavelet Transform Modulus Maxima, A
* Deblocking Technique for JPEG Decoded Image Using Wavelet Transform Modulus Maxima Representation, A
* Deep neural network oriented evolutionary parametric eye modeling
* Efficient blind image restoration using discrete periodic Radon transform
* Embedded Singularity Detection Zerotree Wavelet Coding
* Generalized Orthogonal Symmetric Prefilter Banks for Discrete Multiwavelet Transforms, A
* Improved MPEG-4 still texture image coding under noisy environment
* On 2D-3D Image Feature Detections for Image-To-Geometry Registration in Virtual Dental Model
* On optical phase shift profilometry based on dual tree complex wavelet transform
* On Segmentation of Maxillary Sinus Membrane using Automatic Vertex Screening
* Orthogonal discrete periodic Radon transform. Part I: theory and realization
* Orthogonal discrete periodic Radon transform. Part II: applications
* Regularity Scalable Image Coding Based on Wavelet Singularity Detection
* Symmetric prefilters for multiwavelets
* Zero spectrum removal using joint bilateral filter for Fourier transform profilometry
Includes: Hsung, T.C. Hsung, T.C.[Tai-Chiu]
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