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Hsue, W.L.[Wen Liang] Co Author Listing * Image Watermarking Based on Various Discrete Fractional Fourier Transforms
* Multiple-Parameter Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform, The
* Random Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform
Includes: Hsue, W.L.[Wen Liang] Hsue, W.L.[Wen-Liang] Hsue, W.L.

Hsueh, A.C. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Land Vehicle Road Following
* Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Road Following
* Real-Time Road Following and Road Junction Detection Vision System for Autonomous Vehicles, A

Hsueh, B. Co Author Listing * Stochastic Gradient Descent With Hyperbolic-Tangent Decay on Classification

Hsueh, C.L.[Chia Lun] Co Author Listing * Recognition technique for character cube stacking robot
Includes: Hsueh, C.L.[Chia Lun] Hsueh, C.L.[Chia-Lun]

Hsueh, C.W.[Chih Wen] Co Author Listing * Batch-pipelining for multicore H.264 decoding
Includes: Hsueh, C.W.[Chih Wen] Hsueh, C.W.[Chih-Wen]

Hsueh, G.[Gary] Co Author Listing * Micro Transit Simulation of On-Demand Shuttles Based on Transit Data for First- and Last-Mile Connection

Hsueh, H.Y.[Hao Ya] Co Author Listing * PathBench: A Benchmarking Platform for Classical and Learned Path Planning Algorithms
* Waypoint Planning Networks
Includes: Hsueh, H.Y.[Hao Ya] Hsueh, H.Y.[Hao-Ya]

Hsueh, N.L.[Nien Lin] Co Author Listing * Hiding Data Reversibly in an Image via Increasing Differences between Two Neighboring Pixels
* lossless data hiding scheme based on three-pixel block differences, A
Includes: Hsueh, N.L.[Nien Lin] Hsueh, N.L.[Nien-Lin]

Hsueh, W.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic High-Resolution Optoelectronic Photogrammetric 3D Surface Geometry Acquisition-System

Hsueh, Y.C. Co Author Listing * Detail-Preserving Smoothing with Morphology and Fuzzy-Reasoning
* Mathematical Morphology on L-Images
* Modified Morphological Corner Detector, A
* Primitive spatial relations based on SKIZ
* Some Modifications of Gradient Weighted Filters
* Texture Classification Method Using Multiple Space Filling Curves
* Window-Size Determination for Granulometric Structural Texture Classification
Includes: Hsueh, Y.C. Hsueh, Y.C.[Yung-Cheh]
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