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Hinrichs, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Learning kernels for variants of normalized cuts: Convex relaxations and applications
* Topology-Based Kernels With Application to Inference Problems in Alzheimer's Disease
Includes: Hinrichs, C.[Chris] Hinrichs, C.

Hinrichs, H. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions from mr brain images using the principles of fuzzy-connectedness and artificial neuron networks

Hinrichs, K. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Model for Multiresolution Surface Reconstruction
* Hybrid Decision Support System for 3D City Planning, A
* Synthetic Word Gesture Generation for Stroke-Based Virtual Keyboards
Includes: Hinrichs, K. Hinrichs, K.[Klaus]

Hinrichs, K.H.[Klaus H.] Co Author Listing * Automated Segmentation of Immunostained Cell Nuclei in 3D Ultramicroscopy Images

Hinrichsen, K.[Katrin] Co Author Listing * Real time perception of and response to the actions of an unencumbered participant/user

Hinrichsen, N.[Nils] Co Author Listing * Architectural Historical 4D Documentation of the Old-Segeberg Town House by Photogrammetry, Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Historical Analysis
* Return of the Siegesburg: 3d-reconstruction of A Disappeared And Forgotten Monument, The
Includes: Hinrichsen, N.[Nils] Hinrichsen, N.

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