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Hido, S.[Shohei] Co Author Listing * Hash-based structural similarity for semi-supervised Learning on attribute graphs
* Temporal feature selection for time-series prediction

Hidot, S.[Sullivan] Co Author Listing * Expectation-Maximization algorithm for the Wishart mixture model: Application to movement clustering, An

Hidouci, W.K.[Walid Khaled] Co Author Listing * Efficient Cooperative Smearing Technique for Degraded Historical Document Image Segmentation, An
* PUNet: Novel and efficient deep neural network architecture for handwritten documents word spotting

Hidoussi, N. Co Author Listing * Classification of radar images in polarimetric remote sensing

Hidovic Rowe, D.[Dzena] Co Author Listing * Four metrics for efficiently comparing attributed trees
* Model Based Inversion for Deriving Maps of Histological Parameters Characteristic of Cancer From Ex-Vivo Multispectral Images of the Colon
* Polynomial-Time Metric for Attributed Trees, A
* Polynomial-Time Metrics for Attributed Trees
Includes: Hidovic Rowe, D.[Dzena] Hidovic-Rowe, D.[Dzena] Hidovic-Rowe, D.

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