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Heim, A.[Arend] Co Author Listing * Combining Multiband Remote Sensing and Hierarchical Distance Sampling to Establish Drivers of Bird Abundance

Heim, B.[Birgit] Co Author Listing * Ground-Based Hyperspectral Characterization of Alaska Tundra Vegetation along Environmental Gradients
* Long-Term High-Resolution Sediment and Sea Surface Temperature Spatial Patterns in Arctic Nearshore Waters Retrieved Using 30-Year Landsat Archive Imagery
* MERLIN: A French-German Space Lidar Mission Dedicated to Atmospheric Methane
* Monitoring Bedfast Ice and Ice Phenology in Lakes of the Lena River Delta Using TerraSAR-X Backscatter and Coherence Time Series
* Monitoring Inter- and Intra-Seasonal Dynamics of Rapidly Degrading Ice-Rich Permafrost Riverbanks in the Lena Delta with TerraSAR-X Time Series
* Phenological Approach to Spectral Differentiation of Low-Arctic Tundra Vegetation Communities, North Slope, Alaska, A
* Statistical Test of Phase Closure to Detect Influences on DInSAR Deformation Estimates Besides Displacements and Decorrelation Noise: Two Case Studies in High-Latitude Regions, A
* TerraSAR-X Time Series Fill a Gap in Spaceborne Snowmelt Monitoring of Small Arctic Catchments: A Case Study on Qikiqtaruk (Herschel Island), Canada
* Terrestrial CDOM in Lakes of Yamal Peninsula: Connection to Lake and Lake Catchment Properties
* Thaw Subsidence of a Yedoma Landscape in Northern Siberia, Measured In Situ and Estimated from TerraSAR-X Interferometry
* Water Body Distributions Across Scales: A Remote Sensing Based Comparison of Three Arctic Tundra Wetlands
Includes: Heim, B.[Birgit] Heim, B.
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Heim, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Clickstream Analysis for Crowd-Based Object Segmentation with Confidence
* Comparative Validation of Single-Shot Optical Techniques for Laparoscopic 3-D Surface Reconstruction
* Constrained Generative Adversarial Networks for Interactive Image Generation
Includes: Heim, E.[Eric] Heim, E.

Heim, R.[Rene] Co Author Listing * Multisensor UAV Payload and Processing Pipeline for Generating Multispectral Point Clouds, A
Includes: Heim, R.[Rene] Heim, R.[René]

Heim, R.H.J.[Rene Hans Jurgen] Co Author Listing * Effect of Epidermal Structures on Leaf Spectral Signatures of Ice Plants (Aizoaceae), The
Includes: Heim, R.H.J.[Rene Hans Jurgen] Heim, R.H.J.[René Hans-Jürgen]

Heim, W.[Wieland] Co Author Listing * Combining Multiband Remote Sensing and Hierarchical Distance Sampling to Establish Drivers of Bird Abundance

Heiman, A. Co Author Listing * Variable block-size transform image coder

Heiman, E. Co Author Listing * Parameter Estimation from Heterogeneous/Multimodal Data Sets

Heiman, R.[Ron] Co Author Listing * When physics meets signal processing: Image and video denoising based on Ising theory

Heimann, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Contrastive Knowledge-Augmented Meta-Learning for Few-Shot Classification
* MERLIN: A French-German Space Lidar Mission Dedicated to Atmospheric Methane
* Modeling Hierarchical Topological Structure in Scientific Images with Graph Neural Networks
Includes: Heimann, M.[Mark] Heimann, M.[Martin]

Heimann, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Illuminating the Spatio-Temporal Evolution of the 2008-2009 Qaidam Earthquake Sequence with the Joint Use of Insar Time Series and Teleseismic Data

Heimann, T. Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Liver Segmentation From CT Datasets
* Longitudinal Parameter Estimation in 3D Electromechanical Models: Application to Cardiovascular Changes in Digestion
* Synthetic Database of Aortic Morphometry and Hemodynamics: Overcoming Medical Imaging Data Availability
Includes: Heimann, T. Heimann, T.[Tobias]

Heimann, V.[Viktoria] Co Author Listing * Frequency-Selective Geometry Upsampling of Point Clouds
* Improving Spherical Image Resampling Through Viewport-Adaptivity

Heimbeck, M.S.[Martin S.] Co Author Listing * Wide bandwidth, millimeter-resolution inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging

Heimbrecht, A.[Arthur] Co Author Listing * Rethinking Style Transfer: From Pixels to Parameterized Brushstrokes

Heimburger, T. Co Author Listing * Compensation of motion blur in binary images

Heimel, S.[Sierra] Co Author Listing * Statistical Approach to Using Remote Sensing Data to Discern Streamflow Variable Influence in the Snow Melt Dominated Upper Rio Grande Basin, A

Heimerl, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Deep Method: Towards Computational Modeling of the Social Emotion Shame Driven by Theory, Introspection, and Social Signals, The
* Nova: A Tool for Explanatory Multimodal Behavior Analysis and Its Application to Psychotherapy
* Unraveling ML Models of Emotion With NOVA: Multi-Level Explainable AI for Non-Experts

Heimerl, F. Co Author Listing * Visual Movie Analytics

Heimes, F. Co Author Listing * Quantitative comparison between trajectory estimates obtained from a binocular camera setup within a moving road vehicle and from the outside by a stationary monocular camera
* Real Time Tracking of Intersections in Image Sequences of a Moving Camera
* Towards Active Machine-Vision-Based Driver Assistance for Urban Areas

Heimhuber, V.[Valentin] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing for the Quantification of Land Surface Dynamics in Large River Delta Regions: A Review

Heiming, J.A.[Jo Ann] Co Author Listing * Fast Derivation of Soil Surface Roughness Parameters Using Multi-band SAR Imagery and the Integral Equation Model
Includes: Heiming, J.A.[Jo Ann] Heiming, J.A.[Jo-Ann]

Heimonen, J.H.[Ju Ho] Co Author Listing * Properties of Object-Level Cross-Validation Schemes for Symmetric Pair-Input Data
Includes: Heimonen, J.H.[Ju Ho] Heimonen, J.H.[Ju-Ho]

Heimonen, T.[Teuvo] Co Author Listing * Monocular Point Based Pose Estimation of Artificial Markers by Using Evolutionary Computing

Heimonen, T.A.[Teuvo Antero] Co Author Listing * Human Detection Framework for Heavy Machinery, A

Heimowitz, A.[Ayelet] Co Author Listing * Centering Noisy Images with Application to Cryo-EM
* Image Segmentation via Probabilistic Graph Matching
Includes: Heimowitz, A.[Ayelet] Heimowitz, A.

Heimrich, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Output Constraints in Multimedia Database Systems

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