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Heigl, B. Co Author Listing * Active Knowledge-Based Scene Analysis
* Calibration of Hand-Held Camera Sequences for Plenoptic Modeling
* Camera Calibration from Extended Image Sequences for Lightfield Reconstruction
* Combining Computer Graphics and Computer Vision for Probabilistic Visual Robot Navigation
* Dynamic 2-D/3-D Rigid Registration Framework Using Point-To-Plane Correspondence Model
* Efficient Combination of 2-D and 3-D Shape Descriptions for Contour-Based Tracking of Moving Objects, An
* Geometric Approach to Lightfield Calibration, A
* Gradient-Based Differential Approach for 3-D Motion Compensation in Interventional 2-D/3-D Image Fusion
* Image-Based Rendering from Uncalibrated Lightfields with Scalable Geometry
* MOBSY: Integration of Vision and Dialogue in Service Robots
Includes: Heigl, B. Heigl, B.[Benno]
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Heigl, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Comparing Road-Kill Datasets from Hunters and Citizen Scientists in a Landscape Context

Heigold, G.[Georg] Co Author Listing * Confidence- and margin-based MMI/MPE discriminative training for off-line handwriting recognition
* Confidence-Based Discriminative Training for Model Adaptation in Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition
* Deformation-Aware Log-Linear Models
* Latent Log-Linear Models for Handwritten Digit Classification
* Object classification by fusing SVMs and Gaussian mixtures
* SVMs, Gaussian mixtures, and their generative/discriminative fusion
* Video OWL-ViT: Temporally-consistent open-world localization in video
* ViViT: A Video Vision Transformer
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