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Hada, S.S.[Suryabhan Singh] Co Author Listing * Sampling the Inverse Set of a Neuron
* Style Transfer by Rigid Alignment in Neural Net Feature Space
* Understanding and Manipulating Neural Net Features Using Sparse Oblique Classification Trees

Hada, T.[Tetsu] Co Author Listing * Videophone terminal

Hadach, F. Co Author Listing * Lithological Mapping Using Landsat 8 Oli and Aster Multispectral Data In Imini-ounilla District South High Atlas of Marrakech

Hadachi, A.[Amnir] Co Author Listing * NetCalib: A Novel Approach for LiDAR-Camera Auto-calibration Based on Deep Learning
* Survey on the Advancement of Travel Time Estimation Using Mobile Phone Network Data, A
* Transformer for multiple object tracking: Exploring locality to vision

Hadad, N.[Naama] Co Author Listing * Two-Step Disentanglement Method, A

Hadadan, S. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Background Subtraction Methods

Hadadnia, J. Co Author Listing * Anomaly detection in video using two-part sparse dictionary in 170 FPS

Hadani, I. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Constraint Equation for Motion Extraction, The

Hadani, R. Co Author Listing * Viewing Angle Classification of Cryo-Electron Microscopy Images Using Eigenvectors

Hadano, E. Co Author Listing * Method for Connecting Disappeared Junction Patterns on Frame Lines in Form Documents, A
* recursive analysis for form cell recognition, A

Hadap, S. Co Author Listing * Deep Outdoor Illumination Estimation
* Deep Single-Image Portrait Relighting
* Depth from shading, defocus, and correspondence using light-field angular coherence
* Illuminant Spectra-Based Source Separation Using Flash Photography
* Learning Monocular Face Reconstruction using Multi-View Supervision
* Neural Face Editing with Intrinsic Image Disentangling
* Perceptual Measure for Deep Single Image Camera Calibration, A
* Reflectance Capture Using Univariate Sampling of BRDFs
* Shape Estimation from Shading, Defocus, and Correspondence Using Light-Field Angular Coherence
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Hadap, S.I.[Sun Il] Co Author Listing * All-Weather Deep Outdoor Lighting Estimation
* Depth from Combining Defocus and Correspondence Using Light-Field Cameras
* Fast Spatially-Varying Indoor Lighting Estimation
* MT-VAE: Learning Motion Transformations to Generate Multimodal Human Dynamics
* Reconstructing Shape from Dictionaries of Shading Primitives
* Regularized depth from defocus
* Self-Supervised Multi-View Person Association and its Applications
* Shading-Aware Multi-view Stereo
* Specular Reflection Separation Using Dark Channel Prior
Includes: Hadap, S.I.[Sun Il] Hadap, S.I.[Sun-Il]
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Hadar, D. Co Author Listing * Implicit Media Tagging and Affect Prediction from RGB-D Video of Spontaneous Facial Expressions

Hadar, E. Co Author Listing * H2 Length Estimation Method: An Algorithm for Digitized Curves for Asymmetric 3D Grid Applied on Coronary Bypass Surgery, The
* Optimal Locally Adjustable Filtering of PET Images by a Genetic Algorithm

Hadar, O.[Ofer] Co Author Listing * Complexity-Aware Adaptive Preprocessing Scheme for Region-of-Interest Spatial Scalable Video Coding
* Complexity-aware adaptive spatial pre-processing for ROI scalable video coding with dynamic transition region
* DCT-domain coder for digital video applications
* Dynamic computational complexity and bit allocation for optimizing H.264/AVC video compression
* Image Motion Restoration from a Sequence of Images
* Optimal video stream multiplexing through linear programming
* PCRTT Enhancement for Off-Line Video Smoothing
* Relative Effects of Distortion and Noise on Target Acquisition: The Advisability of Image Restoration
* Restoration of images degraded by mechanical vibrations
* Super-Resolution Mosaicing from MPEG Compressed Video
* Use of Motion Information in Super-Resolution Mosaicing
* When physics meets signal processing: Image and video denoising based on Ising theory
Includes: Hadar, O.[Ofer] Hadar, O.
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Hadas, E. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For The Automatic Estimation Of Agricultural Tree Geometric Parameters Using Airborne Laser Scanning Data

Hadas, T.[Tomasz] Co Author Listing * Weighting of Multi-GNSS Observations in Real-Time Precise Point Positioning

Hadavand, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Analysis of a Parametric Approach for Simultaneous Space Resection-Intersection of High Resolution Satellite Images Without Using Ground Control Points

Hadavandsiri, Z.[Zahra] Co Author Listing * Concrete Preliminary Damage Inspection by Classification of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Clouds through Systematic Threshold Definition

Hadavi, S. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Urban-Freight Transport Based on GPS Trajectories of Heavy-Goods Vehicles

Hadayer, A. Co Author Listing * novel automatic segmentation of healthy and diseased retinal layers from OCT scans, A

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