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Haag, A.[Arjen] Co Author Listing * Comparing Sentinel-1 Surface Water Mapping Algorithms and Radiometric Terrain Correction Processing in Southeast Asia Utilizing Google Earth Engine
* Sensitivity of Remote Sensing Floodwater Depth Calculation to Boundary Filtering and Digital Elevation Model Selections
* Simple Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion Method Based on Linear Regression Coefficient Compensation, A
* Surface Water Dynamics from Space: A Round Robin Intercomparison of Using Optical and SAR High-Resolution Satellite Observations for Regional Surface Water Detection

Haag, M. Co Author Listing * Beginning a Transition from a Local to a More Global Point of View in Model-Based Vehicle Tracking
* Bias-Corrected Optical Flow Estimation for Road Vehicle Tracking
* Combination of Edge Element and Optical Flow Estimates for 3D-Model-Based Vehicle Tracking in Traffic Image Sequences
* Incremental recognition of traffic situations from video image sequences
* Influence of an Explicitly Modeled 3D Scene on the Tracking of Partially Occluded Vehicles
* Quantitative comparison between trajectory estimates obtained from a binocular camera setup within a moving road vehicle and from the outside by a stationary monocular camera
* T3wT: Tracking Turning Trucks with Trailers
* Tracking Occluded Vehicles in Traffic Scenes
* Tracking of Complex Driving Maneuvers in Traffic Image Sequences
* Unified hierarchical multi-object tracking using global data association
Includes: Haag, M. Haag, M.[Michael]
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Haag, N.N. Co Author Listing * General Methods for Determining Projective Invariants in Imagery
* Image Matching Using Corresponding Point Measurements
* Invariant Linear Methods in Photogrammetry and Model-Matching
* Invariant Relationships in Side-Looking Synthetic Aperture Imagery
* Invariants Under Image Perspective Transformations: Theory and Examples
* Linear Resection, Intersection, and Perspective-Independent Model-Matching in Photogrammetry: Theory
* Some Invariant Linear Methods in Photogrammetry and Model-Matching
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Haag, S.[Scott] Co Author Listing * Multi-scale Segmentation Approach to Mapping Seagrass Habitats Using Airborne Digital Camera Imagery, A

Haagmans, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * Meteorological OSSEs for New Zenith Total Delay Observations: Impact Assessment for the Hydroterra Geosynchronous Satellite on the October 2019 Genoa Event
* Next Generation Gravity Mission Elements of the Mass Change and Geoscience International Constellation: From Orbit Selection to Instrument and Mission Design
* Next-Generation Gravity Missions: Sino-European Numerical Simulation Comparison Exercise
* Temporal Gravity Signals in Reprocessed GOCE Gravitational Gradients

Haagsma, M.[Marja] Co Author Listing * Using Hyperspectral Imagery to Detect an Invasive Fungal Pathogen and Symptom Severity in Pinus strobiformis Seedlings of Different Genotypes

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