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Gratacos, E. Co Author Listing * Deep Q-CapsNet Reinforcement Learning Framework for Intrauterine Cavity Segmentation in TTTS Fetal Surgery Planning
* TTTS-STgan: Stacked Generative Adversarial Networks for TTTS Fetal Surgery Planning Based on 3D Ultrasound
Includes: Gratacos, E. Gratacós, E.

Gratacos, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning-Based Rockfalls Detection with 3D Point Clouds, Example in the Montserrat Massif (Spain)
Includes: Gratacos, O.[Oscar] Gratacós, O.[Oscar]

Gratal, X. Co Author Listing * Supervised Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes with Variational Inference

Gratch, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Automatic audiovisual behavior descriptors for psychological disorder analysis
* Automatic behavior descriptors for psychological disorder analysis
* Computational Modeling of Emotion: Toward Improving the Inter- and Intradisciplinary Exchange
* Computationally Modeling Human Emotion
* Emotion or expressivity? An automated analysis of nonverbal perception in a social dilemma
* Felt emotion and social context determine the intensity of smiles in a competitive video game
* GOAALLL!: Using sentiment in the world cup to explore theories of emotion
* Humans versus Computers: Impact of Emotion Expressions on People's Decision Making
* I Can Already Guess Your Answer: Predicting Respondent Reactions during Dyadic Negotiation
* On the Efficient Allocation of Resources for Hypothesis Evaluation: A Statistical Approach
* Predicting Folds in Poker Using Action Unit Detectors and Decision Trees
* Self-Reported Symptoms of Depression and PTSD Are Associated with Reduced Vowel Space in Screening Interviews
Includes: Gratch, J.[Jonathan] Gratch, J.
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Gratchev, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Application of Optical Flow Technique and Photogrammetry for Rockfall Dynamics: A Case Study on a Field Test

Grathwohl, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * Imaging with the Elliptic Radon Transform in Three Dimensions from an Analytical and Numerical Perspective

Gratin, C. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithm for Drainage Network Extraction on DEMs, An
* Flat Zone Approach: A General Low-Level Region Merging Segmentation Method, The

Gratiot, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Surface Water Evolution (2001-2017) at the Cambodia/Vietnam Border in the Upper Mekong Delta Using Satellite MODIS Observations

Gratsias, K.[Kostas] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Nearest Neighbor Search on Moving Object Trajectories

Grattarola, A. Co Author Listing * simple multi-layer digital video coder for multimedia network applications, A

Grattarola, A.A. Co Author Listing * Shape from Occluding Contours: A Regularization Method
* Volumetric reconstruction from object silhouettes: A regularization procedure

Grattarola, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Graph Neural Networks With Convolutional ARMA Filters

Grattenthaler, H. Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of advisory warnings based on cooperative perception

Gratton, E. Co Author Listing * Image Reconstruction by Backprojection from Frequency-Domain Optical Measurements in Highly Scattering Media

Grattoni, P. Co Author Listing * Contour Coding for Image Description
* Contour Detection Algorithm Based on the Minimum Radial Inertia (MRI) Criterion, A
* Edge-Based Description of Color Images, An
* Image Description of Dynamic Scenes
* mosaicing approach for the acquisition and representation of 3D painted surfaces for conservation and restoration purposes, A
* Non-Sequential Contour Detection with a Priori Knowledge, A
Includes: Grattoni, P. Grattoni, P.[Paolo]

Gratz, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Pseudonym Changes for Vehicular Networks in Large-Scale, Realistic Traffic Scenarios, An
Includes: Gratz, A. Grätz, A. (Maybe also Graetz, A.)

Gratz, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Digital Preservation: How to Be Trustworthy

Gratzer, A.L.[Alexander L.] Co Author Listing * String Stable and Collision-Safe Model Predictive Platoon Control

Gratzl, J.[Jurgen] Co Author Listing * Drone-Based Bioaerosol Sampling System to Monitor Ice Nucleation Particles in the Lower Atmosphere, A
Includes: Gratzl, J.[Jurgen] Gratzl, J.[Jürgen]

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