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Giudice, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * Transductive Visual Verb Sense Disambiguation

Giudice, N. Co Author Listing * Digital Sign System for Indoor Wayfinding for the Visually Impaired

Giudice, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * 1-D DCT Domain Analysis for JPEG Double Compression Detection
* Aligning Bags of Shape Contexts for Blurred Shape Model based symbol classification
* Animated GIF Optimization By Adaptive Color Local Table Management
* Classification Engine for Image Ballistics of Social Data, A
* Computational Data Analysis for First Quantization Estimation on JPEG Double Compressed Images
* DeepFake Detection by Analyzing Convolutional Traces
* Fast Palette Reordering Technique Based on GPU-Optimized Genetic Algorithms, A
* In-Depth DCT Coefficient Distribution Analysis for First Quantization Estimation
* New Study On Wood Fibers Textures: Documents Authentication Through LBP Fingerprint, A
* Siamese Ballistics Neural Network
* Single Architecture and Multiple task deep Neural Network for Altered Fingerprint Analysis
Includes: Giudice, O.[Oliver] Giudice, O.
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Giudicepietro, F.[Flora] Co Author Listing * Integration of Ground-Based Remote-Sensing and In Situ Multidisciplinary Monitoring Data to Analyze the Eruptive Activity of Stromboli Volcano in 2017-2018
* Overflows and Pyroclastic Density Currents in March-April 2020 at Stromboli Volcano Detected by Remote Sensing and Seismic Monitoring Data
* Variable Magnitude and Intensity of Strombolian Explosions: Focus on the Eruptive Processes for a First Classification Scheme for Stromboli Volcano (Italy)

Giudici, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * 2D Frequency Domain Fully Focused SAR Processing for High PRF Radar Altimeters
* Along-Track Multistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar Formations of Minisatellites
* BIOMASS Level 2 Prototype Processor: Design and Experimental Results of Above-Ground Biomass Estimation, The
* Calibration of SAR Polarimetric Images by Means of a Covariance Matching Approach
* Generation and Calibration of High-Resolution DEM From Single-Baseline Spaceborne Interferometry: The Split-Swath Approach
* Identification of C-Band Radio Frequency Interferences from Sentinel-1 Data
* Long-Term Relative Radiometric Calibration and Antenna Pointing Estimation by Natural Targets
* Low-Frequency SAR Radiometric Calibration and Antenna Pattern Estimation by Using Stable Point Targets
* MIMO SAR Formations: Orbital Diameter and Synchronization Tolerances
* On the Phase Calibration by Multisquint Analysis in TOPSAR and Stripmap Interferometry
* Pre-Flight SAOCOM-1A SAR Performance Assessment by Outdoor Campaign
* Sentinel-1A: Analysis of FDBAQ Performance on Real Data
* Vegetated Target Decorrelation in SAR and Interferometry: Models, Simulation, and Performance Evaluation
Includes: Giudici, D.[Davide] Giudici, D.
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Giudici, R. Co Author Listing * Advanced Benchmarking for Image Compositing Evaluation, An
* Mosaicing Fidelity Geometrical Assessment Based On Surf Point Classification

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