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Girgensohn, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Adaptive clustering and interactive visualizations to support the selection of video clips
* Automatically organizing digital photographs using time and content
* Genetic Algorithm for Video Segmentation and Summarization, A
* Genre identification for office document search and browsing
* Geometric Tools for Multicamera Surveillance Systems
* Interactive Video Search Using Multilevel Indexing
* Keyframe-Based User Interfaces for Digital Video
* Large-scale EMM identification based on geometry-constrained visual word correspondence voting
* MET: media-embedded target for connecting paper to digital media
* Methods and apparatuses for interactive similarity searching, retrieval, and browsing of video
* Methods and apparatuses for video segmentation, classification, and retrieval using image class statistical models
* Support for effective use of multiple video streams in security
* What and How? Jointly Forecasting Human Action and Pose
Includes: Girgensohn, A.[Andreas] Girgensohn, A.
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Girgin, S. Co Author Listing * Blind area measurement with mobile robots
* Positive Impact of State Similarity on Reinforcement Learning Performance

Girgis, H. Co Author Listing * Cardiac Phase Detection in Echocardiograms With Densely Gated Recurrent Neural Networks and Global Extrema Loss
* On Modelling Label Uncertainty in Deep Neural Networks: Automatic Estimation of Intra-Observer Variability in 2D Echocardiography Quality Assessment

Girgis, M.R. Co Author Listing * algorithm for mean pyramids vector quantization using Hadamard transform and tree structure, An

Girgis, R. Co Author Listing * To Veer or Not to Veer: Learning from Experts How to Stay Within the Crosswalk

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