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Gau, C.C. Co Author Listing * Eliminating Packet Loss Accumulation in Peer-to-Peer Streaming Systems

Gau, C.J.[C. Jose] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Fuzzy Segmentation
* Minimal Non-simple Sets in 4-Dimensional Binary Images with (8,80)-Adjacency
* Minimal non-simple sets in 4D binary images
* Minimal Nonsimple Sets of Voxels in Binary Images on a Face-Centered Cubic Grid
Includes: Gau, C.J.[C. Jose] Gau, C.J.[Chyi-Jou] Gau, C.J.

Gau, M.[Melanie] Co Author Listing * Ancient document analysis based on text line extraction
* Enhancement of Multispectral Images of Degraded Documents by Employing Spatial Information
Includes: Gau, M.[Melanie] Gau, M.

Gau, V. Co Author Listing * Video-based signature verification and pen-grasping posture analysis for user-dependent identification authentication

Gau, Y.T.A. Co Author Listing * Throughput-Speed Product Augmentation for Scanning Fiber-Optic Two-Photon Endomicroscopy

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