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Gabidolla, M.[Magzhan] Co Author Listing * Improved Multiclass Adaboost for Image Classification: The Role of Tree Optimization
* Pushing the Envelope of Gradient Boosting Forests via Globally-Optimized Oblique Trees
* Reducing Triangle Inequality Violations with Deep Learning and Its Application to Image Retrieval
* Selecting Algorithms Without Meta-features

Gabillon, A.[Alban] Co Author Listing * Automatic Nacre Thickness Measurement of Tahitian Pearls
* Chromatic Indices in the Normalized rgb Color Space
* Hue and Saturation in the RGB Color Space

Gabilondo, I. Co Author Listing * Mechanical Energy Harvesting Taxonomy for Industrial Environments: Application to the Railway Industry

Gabin, F. Co Author Listing * 3GPP Mobile Multimedia Streaming Standards

Gabino, F.[Flavio] Co Author Listing * Restoration of noisy underwater acoustic images using Markov Random Fields

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