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Fougerolle, Y.[Yohan] Co Author Listing * advanced global point signature for 3D shape recognition and retrieval, An
* Central catadioptric image processing with geodesic metric
* Dynamic 3D Scene Reconstruction and Enhancement
* Heuristic optimization-based wave kernel descriptor for deformable 3D shape matching and retrieval
* Moving Object Detection by 3D Flow Field Analysis
* Scale invariant line matching on the sphere
* View Planning Approach for Automatic 3D Digitization of Unknown Objects
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Fougerolle, Y.D. Co Author Listing * Depth from dynamic (de)focused projection
* Genetic Algorithms for Gielis Surface Recovery from 3D Data Sets
* Kolmogorov Superposition Theorem and Wavelet Decomposition for Image Compression
* Kolmogorov superposition theorem for image compression
* robust evolutionary algorithm for the recovery of rational Gielis curves, A
* Supershape Recovery from 3D Data Sets
* SUSAN 3D operator, principal saliency degrees and directions extraction and a brief study on the robustness to noise
Includes: Fougerolle, Y.D. Fougerolle, Y.D.[Yohan D.]
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Fougeyrollas, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Role of Social Factors in the Accessibility of Urban Areas for People with Motor Disabilities, The
* User-Specific Route Planning for People with Motor Disabilities: A Fuzzy Approach

Fougnie, B. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Spectral Band Impact on Intercalibration Over Desert Sites Using Simulation Based on EO-1 Hyperion Data
* Cross Calibration Over Desert Sites: Description, Methodology, and Operational Implementation
* Improvement of the PARASOL Radiometric In-Flight Calibration Based on Synergy Between Various Methods Using Natural Targets
* Multi-Sensor Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Properties for Near-Real-Time Applications Using the Metop Series of Satellites: Concept, Detailed Description, and First Validation
Includes: Fougnie, B. Fougnie, B.[Bertrand]

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