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Entekhabi, D. Co Author Listing * Active-Passive Disaggregation of Brightness Temperatures During the SMAPVEX12 Campaign
* Analysis of the Radar Vegetation Index and Potential Improvements
* Assessment of Multi-Scale SMOS and SMAP Soil Moisture Products across the Iberian Peninsula
* Assessment of the SMAP Passive Soil Moisture Product
* Change Detection Algorithm for Retrieving High-Resolution Soil Moisture From SMAP Radar and Radiometer Observations, A
* Combined Radar-Radiometer Surface Soil Moisture and Roughness Estimation
* Comparative Study of the SMAP Passive Soil Moisture Product With Existing Satellite-Based Soil Moisture Products, A
* Covariation of Passive-Active Microwave Measurements over Vegetated Surfaces: Case Studies at L-Band Passive and L-, C- and X-Band Active
* Effect of Variable Soil Moisture Profiles on P-Band Backscatter, The
* Forward Simulation of Multi-Frequency Microwave Brightness Temperature over Desert Soils in Kuwait and Comparison with Satellite Observations
* Improved SMAP Dual-Channel Algorithm for the Retrieval of Soil Moisture
* Physics-Based Modeling of Active and Passive Microwave Covariations Over Vegetated Surfaces
* Sensitivity of Aquarius Active and Passive Measurements Temporal Covariability to Land Surface Characteristics
* Simulation Study of Compact Polarimetry for Radar Retrieval of Soil Moisture, A
* Simultaneous Retrieval of Surface Roughness Parameters for Bare Soils From Combined Active-Passive Microwave SMAP Observations
* Soil and Vegetation Scattering Contributions in L-Band and P-Band Polarimetric SAR Observations
* Soil Moisture Retrieval Using L-Band Radar Observations
* Surface Soil Moisture Retrieval Using the L-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Onboard the Soil Moisture Active-Passive Satellite and Evaluation at Core Validation Sites
* Tests of the SMAP Combined Radar and Radiometer Algorithm Using Airborne Field Campaign Observations and Simulated Data
* Uncertainty Analysis of Soil Moisture and Vegetation Indices Using Aquarius Scatterometer Observations
* Uncertainty Estimates in the SMAP Combined Active-Passive Downscaled Brightness Temperature
* Validation of SMAP Soil Moisture Products Using Ground-Based Observations for the Paddy Dominated Tropical Region of India
Includes: Entekhabi, D. Entekhabi, D.[Dara]
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Enterkine, J.[Josh] Co Author Listing * Regional Scale Dryland Vegetation Classification with an Integrated Lidar-Hyperspectral Approach

Entezam, I.[Iman] Co Author Listing * Neural Network Modelling of Tehran Land Subsidence Measured by Persistent Scatterer Interferometry

Entezami, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * Elimination of Thermal Effects from Limited Structural Displacements Based on Remote Sensing by Machine Learning Techniques
* Investigation of Temperature Effects into Long-Span Bridges via Hybrid Sensing and Supervised Regression Models
* Online Hybrid Learning Methods for Real-Time Structural Health Monitoring Using Remote Sensing and Small Displacement Data

Entezami, M.[Mani] Co Author Listing * Review of Data Analytics for Condition Monitoring of Railway Track Geometry

Entezari, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Entezari, A.[Alireza]: entezari AT cise ufl edu
* Bandlimited Reconstruction of Multidimensional Images From Irregular Samples
* Box Spline Calculus for the Discretization of Computed Tomography Reconstruction Problems, A
* Convolutional Forward Models for X-Ray Computed Tomography
* Design of bivariate sinc wavelets
* Efficient Interlaced Multi-Shell Sampling Scheme for Reconstruction of Diffusion Propagators, An
* Geometric Construction of Multivariate Sinc Functions, A
* Joint Inverse Problems for Signal Reconstruction via Dictionary Splitting
* Learning Splines for Sparse Tomographic Reconstruction
* Reconstruction of Irregularly-Sampled Volumetric Data in Efficient Box Spline Spaces
* Visual Analysis of 3D Data by Isovalue Clustering
Includes: Entezari, A.[Alireza] Entezari, A.
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Entezari, M. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Soil Moisture and Earth's Surface Temperature Using Landsat-8 Satellite Data

Entezari, R.[Rahim] Co Author Listing * AVID: Adversarial Visual Irregularity Detection

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