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Engan, G. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Of Agricultural Landscape In Norway

Engan, K. Co Author Listing * Assessment of sparse-based inpainting for retinal vessel removal
* Dense Motion Field Estimation Using Spatial Filtering and Quasi Eigenfunction Approximations
* Detecting Chest Compression Depth Using a Smartphone Camera and Motion Segmentation
* Detection of Activities During Newborn Resuscitation Based on Short-Time Energy of Acceleration Signal
* Detection of diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration from fundus images through local binary patterns and random forests
* Energy Minimization by TeX-Erosion for Supervised Texture Segmentation
* Frame Based Representation and Compression of Still Images
* Kinect Modelling of Chest Compressions: A Feasibility Study for Chest Compression Depth Measurement Using Digital Strategies
* Motion based detection of respiration rate in infants using video
* Multi-frame compression: Theory and Design
* Sparse Approximation by Matching Pursuit Using Shift-Invariant Dictionary
* Sparse Representation of Images using Overlapping Frames
* Texture classification of scarred and non-scarred myocardium in cardiac MRI using learned dictionaries
* texture-based probability mapping for localisation of clinically important cardiac segments in the myocardium in cardiac magnetic resonance images from myocardial infarction patients, A
* Watermarking of digital mammograms without interfering with automatic detection of microcalcifications
Includes: Engan, K. Engan, K.[Kjersti]
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