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Efstathiades, C.[Christodoulos] Co Author Listing * Hub Labels on the database for large-scale graphs with the COLD framework

Efstratiadis, S. Co Author Listing * Artery Skeleton Extraction Using Topographic and Connected Component Labeling
* Hierarchical Image Segmentation Based on Contour Dynamics

Efstratiadis, S.N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Regularized Recursive Displacement Estimation Algorithm, An
* Hierarchical Partition Priority Wavelet Image Compression
* Hierarchical prioritized predictive image coding
* Hybrid Image Segmentation Using Watersheds And Fast Region Merging
* Motion field prediction and restoration for low bit-rate video coding
* Nonstationary AR modeling and constrained recursive estimation of the displacement field
* Watershed-based image segmentation with fast region merging
Includes: Efstratiadis, S.N. Efstratiadis, S.N.[Serafim N.]
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Efstratios, G.[Geronikolakis] Co Author Listing * New Cross/Augmented Reality Experiences for the Virtual Museums of the Future

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