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Efendi, E. Co Author Listing * Online EM-Based Ensemble Classification With Correlated Agents

Efendi, J.[Joni] Co Author Listing * Relative Sea Level Trends for the Coastal Areas of Peninsular and East Malaysia Based on Remote and In Situ Observations

Efendioglu, B. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control Implementation of Team Mekar at the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge

Efendioglu, M.[Mehmet] Co Author Listing * Absolute Radiometric Calibration Of The GÖktÜrk-2 Satellite Sensor Using Tuz GÖlÜ (landnet Site) From Ndvi Perspective
* Benefits And Challenges Of Having An Open And Free Basis Satellite Data Sharing Platform In Turkey: Gezgin, The

Efentakis, A.[Alexandros] Co Author Listing * Hub Labels on the database for large-scale graphs with the COLD framework

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