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Eckhard, T.[Timo] Co Author Listing * Evaluating logarithmic kernel for spectral reflectance estimation: Effects on model parametrization, training set size, and number of sensor spectral channels
* Improved estimation of reflectance spectra by utilizing prior knowledge
* Improved Spectral Density Measurement from Estimated Reflectance Data with Kernel Ridge Regression

Eckhardt, J. Co Author Listing * Multi-criteria evaluation method for freight logistics innovations

Eckhardt, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * Discrete Mean Curvature Flow
* Euler Characteristics of Discrete Objects and Discrete Quasi-Objects, The
* general approach for parametrizing the Hough transform, A
* Invariant Thinning
* Note on Rutovitz' Method for Parallel Thinning, A
* Root Images of Median Filters
* Root Images of Median Filters: Semi-topological Approach
* Shape Descriptors for Non-Rigid Shapes with a Single Closed Contour
* Structure of Irreducible Digital Sets Obtained by Thinning Algorithms, The
* Thinning binary pictures by a labeling procedure
* Topologies for the digital spaces Z2 and Z3
* Well-Composed Sets
Includes: Eckhardt, U.[Ulrich] Eckhardt, U.
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Eckhardt, W.O. Co Author Listing * High Accuracy Model Matching for Scenes Containing Man-Made Structures
* Matching of Natural Terrain Scenes

Eckhoff, J.A.[Jennifer A.] Co Author Listing * Concept Graph Neural Networks for Surgical Video Understanding

Eckhorn, R. Co Author Listing * Contour segmentation with recurrent neural networks of pulse-coding neurons

Eckhouse, R. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Character Recognition

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