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Dorjgotov, B. Co Author Listing * Determining the Suitable Location for the Metallurgical and Steel Processing Industries In Mongolia Using GIS-based Multi-criteria Analysis Methods
* Quantitative Analysis of Factors Influencing Organic Matter Concentration in the Topsoil of Black Soil in Northeast China Based on Spatial Heterogeneous Patterns, A
Includes: Dorjgotov, B. Dorjgotov, B.[Battogtokh]

Dorji, P.[Passang] Co Author Listing * Assessing an Atmospheric Correction Algorithm for Time Series of Satellite-Based Water-Leaving Reflectance Using Match-Up Sites in Australian Coastal Waters
* Atmospheric correction of geostationary Himawari-8 satellite data for Total Suspended Sediment mapping: A case study in the Coastal Waters of Western Australia
* Quantitative Comparison of Total Suspended Sediment Algorithms: A Case Study of the Last Decade for MODIS and Landsat-Based Sensors, A
* Semi-Analytic Model for Estimating Total Suspended Sediment Concentration in Turbid Coastal Waters of Northern Western Australia Using MODIS-Aqua 250 m Data, A

Dorji, Y.[Yonten] Co Author Listing * Response of Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) Trees to Competition: New Insights from Using Fractal Analysis

Dorjsuren, A. Co Author Listing * Delineation of Suitable Cropland Areas Using A GIS Based Multi-Criteria Evaluation Approach In the Central Agricultural Region of Mongolia
* Detection of Larch Forest Stress from Jas's Larch Inchworm (Erannis jacobsoni Djak) Attack Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
* Monitoring Wheat Crop Growth Parameters Using Time Series Sentinel-1 And Sentinel-2 Data for Agricultural Application In Mongolia
Includes: Dorjsuren, A. Dorjsuren, A.[Altanchimeg]

Dorjsuren, M. Co Author Listing * Spatial Distributionmap Of The Wildfire Risk In Mongolia Using Decision Support System, A
* Time Series MODIS and in Situ Data Analysis for Mongolia Drought
Includes: Dorjsuren, M. Dorjsuren, M.[Munkhzul]

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