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Darcie, T.E. Co Author Listing * Minimal-Bracketing Sets for High-Dynamic-Range Image Capture
* Programmable Point-Source Digital In-Line Holographic Microscope with Enhanced Field of View
* tradeoff between SNR and exposure-set size in HDR imaging, The
Includes: Darcie, T.E. Darcie, T.E.[Thomas E.]

Darcourt, E.[Emilie] Co Author Listing * People Tracking using Robust Motion Detection and Estimation

Darcourt, J. Co Author Listing * Attenuation map segmentation without reconstruction using a level set method in nuclear medicine imaging
* Poisson statistic and half-quadratic regularization for emission tomography reconstruction algorithm
* Space-time segmentation using level set active contours applied to myocardial gated SPECT
* Toward Accurate Segmentation of the LV Myocardium and Chamber for Volumes Estimation in Gated SPECT Sequences
Includes: Darcourt, J. Darcourt, J.[Jacques]

Darcourt, K. Co Author Listing * Active Stereo Vision System for Recognition of Faces and Related Hand Gestures, An

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