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Craievich, D.[Danielle] Co Author Listing * Stereo image compression using VPIC
* stereo visual pattern image coding system, A
Includes: Craievich, D.[Danielle] Craievich, D.

Craig, B.A.[Bruce A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic 4D Flow MRI Segmentation Using the Standardized Difference of Means Velocity

Craig, B.K. Co Author Listing * 3d Habitat Complexity of Coral Reefs in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Is Driven By Coral Assemblage Structure

Craig, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Mobile Multimedia Technology to Aid Those with Alzheimer's Disease, A

Craig, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Visualization of Parameter Sensitivity of 2D Time-Dependent Flow

Craig, J.[Jessica] Co Author Listing * Automated Video Imaging System for Counting Deep-Sea Bioluminescence Organisms Events

Craig, J.R. Co Author Listing * Application of Image Analysis Techniques to Mineral Processing, The

Craig, M. Co Author Listing * Estimating Band-to-Band Misregistrations in Aliased Imagery

Craig, M.S. Co Author Listing * Toblerone: Surface-Based Partial Volume Estimation

Craig, S.[Susanne] Co Author Listing * Chlorophyll-a Concentration Retrieval in the Optically Complex Waters of the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf Using Principal Component Analysis
* NDVI from Active Optical Sensors As A Measure Of Canopy Cover And Biomass
Includes: Craig, S.[Susanne] Craig, S.

Craig, S.E.[Susanne E.] Co Author Listing * Novel Statistical Approach for Ocean Colour Estimation of Inherent Optical Properties and Cyanobacteria Abundance in Optically Complex Waters, A

Craig, T.[Tammy] Co Author Listing * Automated handwashing assistance for persons with dementia using video and a partially observable Markov decision process

Craige, C. Co Author Listing * Multi-Atlas Segmentation with Joint Label Fusion

Craigie, C.[Cameron] Co Author Listing * rapid method of hypercube stitching for snapshot multi-camera system, A

Craik, R.[Rachel] Co Author Listing * Dual Adversarial Calibration Framework for Automatic Fetal Brain Biometry, A

Crail, C. Co Author Listing * Radiometer Calibration Using Colocated GPS Radio Occultation Measurements

Craine, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Classifying cervix tissue patterns with texture analysis
* Texture analysis for classification of cervix lesions
Includes: Craine, E.[Eric] Craine, E.

Craiu, R.V. Co Author Listing * Pattern Generation Using Likelihood Inference for Cellular Automata

Craizer, M.[Marcos] Co Author Listing * Area Distances Of Convex Plane Curves And Improper Affine Spheres
* Combining Points and Tangents into Parabolic Polygons: An Affine Invariant Model for Plane Curves
* Convergent algorithms for successive approximation vector quantisation with applications to wavelet image compression
* Evolution of the Critical Points in the Curvature and Affine Morphological Scale Spaces
* Fast Marching Method for the Area Based Affine Distance, A
* Generalized bit-planes for embedded codes
* Numerical Scheme for the Curvature Equation Near the Singularities, A
* Projective Splines and Estimators for Planar Curves
Includes: Craizer, M.[Marcos] Craizer, M.
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