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Couvert, R.[Rosalie] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Coarse-to-Fine Approach for Fundus Image Registration, A

Couvet, S.[Serge] Co Author Listing * 3D Head Pose Estimation and Tracking Using Particle Filtering and ICP Algorithm
* Accelerated multi-view stereo using parallel processing capababilities of the GPUS
* Intelligent Camera Interface (ICI): A Challenging HMI for Disabled People
* Urban models texturing from un-calibrated photographs
Includes: Couvet, S.[Serge] Couvet, S.

Couvignou, P.A. Co Author Listing * On the use of snakes for 3-D robotic visual tracking
* Use of Active Deformable Models in Model-Based Robotic Visual Servoing, The
* Visual Servoing in the Task-Function Framework: A Contour Following Task

Couvreur, J. Co Author Listing * Using character recognition and segmentation to tell computer from humans

Couvreur, L. Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Recognition Based on the Belief Theory: Comparison with Different Classifiers

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