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Canu, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Process for producing cartographic data by stereo vision
* Reconstruction of Buildings from Multiple High Resolution Images

Canu, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * 3D Medical Multi-modal Segmentation Network Guided by Multi-source Correlation Constraint
* Automatic COVID-19 CT segmentation using U-Net integrated spatial and channel attention mechanism
* Kernel-Based Learning From Both Qualitative and Quantitative Labels: Application to Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Based on Multiparametric MR Imaging
* Latent Correlation Representation Learning for Brain Tumor Segmentation With Missing MRI Modalities
* Learning SVM in Krein Spaces
* Learning to Recognize Touch Gestures: Recurrent vs. Convolutional Features and Dynamic Sampling
* new multimodal RGB and polarimetric image dataset for road scenes analysis, A
* NILC: A two level learning algorithm with operator selection
* Recent Advances in Kernel Machines
* Temporal Contrastive Pretraining for Video Action Recognition
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Person Re-Identification through Source-Guided Pseudo-Labeling
Includes: Canu, S.[Stephane] Canu, S.[Stéphane] Canu, S.
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Canul Reich, J.[Juana] Co Author Listing * permutational-based Differential Evolution algorithm for feature subset selection, A
Includes: Canul Reich, J.[Juana] Canul-Reich, J.[Juana]

Canuto, A.M.P.[Anne M.P.] Co Author Listing * Investigating the influence of the choice of the ensemble members in accuracy and diversity of selection-based and fusion-based methods for ensembles

Canuto, J.[Janio] Co Author Listing * Clustering ensembles and space discretization: A new regard toward diversity and consensus
* correntropy function based on coincidence detection, A
* On the infinite clipping of handwritten signatures
* Two Bioinspired Methods for Dynamic Signatures Analysis
Includes: Canuto, J.[Janio] Canuto, J.[Jânio]

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