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Brzakovic, D. Co Author Listing * approach to 3D scene reconstruction from noisy binocular image sequences using information fusion, An
* Approach to Defect Detection in Materials Characterized by Complex Textures, An
* Authentication of Random Patterns by Finding a Match in an Image Database
* Boundary Determination of Object Surfaces via Textural Information
* Camera Geometries for Image Matching in 3-D Machine Vision
* Designing a Defect Classification-System: A Case-Study
* Development environment for designing and testing inspection systems
* Establishing the Correspondence Between Control Points in Pairs of Mammographic Images
* Extension of CNN-Based Multilevel Halftoning to Color Reproduction
* Feature point identification and regional registration in sequences of non-structured texture images
* Image Understanding via Texture Analysis
* Spline Models for Boundary Detection/Description: Formulation and Performance Evaluation
* Surface Orientation Using Texture Gradient Derived from Two Views of a Scene
* Two Methods of Image Extension
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Brzank, A. Co Author Listing * Approach for Filtering LIDAR Data in Coastal Vegetated Areas Using Intensity Information and Multiple Echoes, An
* Aspects of generating precise digital terrain models in the Wadden Sea from lidar-water classification and structure line extraction
* Automated extraction of pair wise structure lines using airborne laserscanner data in coastal areas
* Classification of Lidar Data into Water and Land Points in Coastal Areas
* Supervised Classification of Water Regions from Lidar Data in the Wadden Sea Using a Fuzzy Logic Concept
Includes: Brzank, A. Brzank, A.[Alexander]

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