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Boluda, J.A.[Jose A.] Co Author Listing * email: Boluda, J.A.[Jose A.]: Jose A Boluda AT uv es
* Advantages of Selective Change-Driven Vision for Resource-Limited Systems
* Change-driven data flow image processing architecture for optical flow computation
* Detecting motion independent of the camera movement through a log-polar differential approach
* On the Advantages of Asynchronous Pixel Reading and Processing for High-Speed Motion Estimation
* reconfigurable architecture for autonomous visual-navigation, A
* Selective Change-Driven Image Processing: A Speeding-Up Strategy
* Speeding-Up Differential Motion Detection Algorithms Using a Change-Driven Data Flow Processing Strategy
Includes: Boluda, J.A.[Jose A.] Boluda, J.A.[Jose Antonio]
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Bolugallu, S.M.[Shanthi Mandekolu] Co Author Listing * Multiplicative Long Short-Term Memory with Improved Mayfly Optimization for LULC Classification

Bolukbasi, T.[Tolga] Co Author Listing * Guided Integrated Gradients: An Adaptive Path Method for Removing Noise
* Model Selection by Linear Programming
* XRAI: Better Attributions Through Regions

Boluwade, A.[Alaba] Co Author Listing * Joint Simulation of Spatially Correlated Soil Health Indicators, Using Independent Component Analysis and Minimum/Maximum Autocorrelation Factors
* Regionalization and Partitioning of Soil Health Indicators for Nigeria Using Spatially Contiguous Clustering for Economic and Social-Cultural Developments
* Remote sensed-based rainfall estimations over the East and West Africa regions for disaster risk management

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