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Boaventura, M.[Maurilio] Co Author Listing * Combining anisotropic diffusion, transport equation and texture synthesis for inpainting textured images
* well-balanced flow equation for noise removal and edge detection, A
Includes: Boaventura, M.[Maurilio] Boaventura, M.[Maurílio] Boaventura, M.

Boavida Portugal, J.[Joana] Co Author Listing * Spectral-Based Monitoring of Climate Effects on the Inter-Annual Variability of Different Plant Functional Types in Mediterranean Cork Oak Woodlands
* Using Digital Photography to Track Understory Phenology in Mediterranean Cork Oak Woodlands
Includes: Boavida Portugal, J.[Joana] Boavida-Portugal, J.[Joana]

Boavida, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Survey of Approaches to Unobtrusive Sensing of Humans, A

Boavida, J.[Joao] Co Author Listing * 3D modelling of laser scanned and photogrammetric data for digital documentation: the Mosteiro da Batalha case study
* Joint Processing of UAV Imagery and Terrestrial Mobile Mapping System Data for Very High Resolution City Modeling
* Planar Projection of Mobile Laser Scanning Data In Tunnels
Includes: Boavida, J.[Joao] Boavida, J.[João] Boavida, J.

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