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Bhuiyan, A.[Amran] Co Author Listing * Adaptation of person re-identification models for on-boarding new camera(s)
* Anti-personnel Mine Detection and Classification Using GPR Image
* Automated segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesion in intensity enhanced flair MRI using texture features and support vector machine
* Automatic detection of retinal vascular landmark features for colour fundus image matching and patient longitudinal study
* Automatic Retinal Minimum Distance Band (MDB)Computation from SD-OCT Images
* Biometric authentication system using retinal vessel pattern and geometric hashing
* Biometric Security Application for Person Authentication Using Retinal Vessel Feature
* Blood Vessel Segmentation from Color Retinal Images using Unsupervised Texture Classification
* Detection and Classification of Bifurcation and Branch Points on Retinal Vascular Network
* Disc segmentation and BMO-MRW measurement from SD-OCT image using graph search and tracing of three bench mark reference layers of retina
* effective retinal blood vessel segmentation method using multi-scale line detection, An
* Effective Supervised Framework for Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation Using Local Standardisation and Bagging, An
* Exploiting Gaussian mixture importance for person re-identification
* Exploiting multiple detections to learn robust brightness transfer functions in re-identification systems
* Flow guided mutual attention for person re-identification
* Major automatic diabetic retinopathy screening systems and related core algorithms: a review
* Person Re-identification by Discriminatively Selecting Parts and Features
* Person Re-identification Using Robust Brightness Transfer Functions Based on Multiple Detections
* Person re-identification using sparse representation with manifold constraints
* Pose Guided Gated Fusion for Person Re-identification
* Quantitative Measure for Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation Evaluation, A
* Sparse representation classification with manifold constraints transfer
* STCA: Utilizing a spatio-temporal cross-attention network for enhancing video person re-identification
* Unsupervised Adaptive Re-identification in Open World Dynamic Camera Networks
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in the Dissimilarity Space for Person Re-identification
* Vessel Segmentation from Color Retinal Images with Varying Contrast and Central Reflex Properties
Includes: Bhuiyan, A.[Amran] Bhuiyan, A.[Alauddin] Bhuiyan, A.
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Bhuiyan, M. .A.A.[M. Al Amin] Co Author Listing * Identification of actors drawn in Ukiyoe pictures
Includes: Bhuiyan, M. .A.A.[M. Al Amin] Bhuiyan, M. .A.A.[M. Al-Amin]

Bhuiyan, M.A.[Mohammad A.] Co Author Listing * Character recognition with two spiking neural network models on multicore architectures
* Gesture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction Through a Knowledge Based Software Platform
Includes: Bhuiyan, M.A.[Mohammad A.] Bhuiyan, M.A.

Bhuiyan, M.A.E.[Md Abul Ehsan] Co Author Listing * Modeling Level 2 Passive Microwave Precipitation Retrieval Error Over Complex Terrain Using a Nonparametric Statistical Technique
* Object-Based Approach for Mapping Tundra Ice-Wedge Polygon Troughs from Very High Spatial Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery, An
* Understanding the synergies of deep learning and data fusion of multispectral and panchromatic high resolution commercial satellite imagery for automated ice-wedge polygon detection

Bhuiyan, M.I.H. Co Author Listing * Bilateral filtering with adaptation to phase coherence and noise
* Classification of EEG signals using normal inverse Gaussian parameters in the dual-tree complex wavelet transform domain for seizure detection
* Spatially adaptive thresholding in wavelet domain for despeckling of ultrasound images
* Spatially Adaptive Wavelet-Based Method Using the Cauchy Prior for Denoising the SAR Images
* Wavelet-based image denoising with the normal inverse Gaussian prior and linear MMSE estimator
Includes: Bhuiyan, M.I.H. Bhuiyan, M.I.H.[Mohammed Imamul Hassan]

Bhuiyan, M.M.I.[Md Mafijul Islam] Co Author Listing * Weight Excitation: Built-in Attention Mechanisms in Convolutional Neural Networks

Bhuiyan, M.Z.A.[Md. Zakirul Alam] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Computation Offloading With Edge for 5G-Envisioned Internet of Connected Vehicles
* Cooperative Location-Sensing Network Based on Vehicular Communication Security Against Attacks
* Deep Irregular Convolutional Residual LSTM for Urban Traffic Passenger Flows Prediction
* Deep Learning-Based Mobile Crowdsensing Scheme by Predicting Vehicle Mobility, A
* Secure Service Offloading for Internet of Vehicles in SDN-Enabled Mobile Edge Computing
* Trust-Aware Service Offloading for Video Surveillance in Edge Computing Enabled Internet of Vehicles
* Zero shot augmentation learning in internet of biometric things for health signal processing
Includes: Bhuiyan, M.Z.A.[Md. Zakirul Alam] Bhuiyan, M.Z.A.[Md Zakirul Alam] Bhuiyan, M.Z.A.
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Bhuiyan, M.Z.H.[M. Zahidul H.] Co Author Listing * Sensors and AI Techniques for Situational Awareness in Autonomous Ships: A Review

Bhuiyan, N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Approach to Detect Warning Traffic Signs Using SOM and Windowed Hough Transform, An
* Environment-Based Design (EBD) Approach to Identify Critical Issues In Managing Municipal Solid Waste: Nairobi, Kenyan Case Study

Bhuiyan, S.[Shoabi] Co Author Listing * Neural Network Based Photometric Stereo Using Illumination Planning

Bhuiyan, S.A.[Shamsul Arafin] Co Author Listing * Early Detection of Sugarcane Smut Disease in Hyperspectral Images

Bhuiyan, S.M.A.[Sharif M.A.] Co Author Listing * customized Gabor filter for unsupervised color image segmentation, A
* Distortion invariant road sign detection
* Image Segmentation and Shape Analysis for Road-Sign Detection
Includes: Bhuiyan, S.M.A.[Sharif M.A.] Bhuiyan, S.M.A.[Sharif M. A.] Bhuiyan, S.M.A.

Bhuiyan, Z. Co Author Listing * Multiobjective Optimization Approach for COLREGs-Compliant Path Planning of Autonomous Surface Vehicles Verified on Networked Bridge Simulators, A

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