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Banu, A.F.S.[A. Farzana Shahar] Co Author Listing * Dental cyst diagnosis using texture analysis

Banu, R.S.D.W.[R.S.D. Wahida] Co Author Listing * Contrast enhancement by modified octagon histogram equalization

Banu, S.[Sourav] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction of spine image from 2D MRI slices along one axis
* Volumetric reconstruction from multi-energy single-view radiography
Includes: Banu, S.[Sourav] Banu, S.[Shamima]

Banu, S.F.[Syeda Furruka] Co Author Listing * MACNet: Multi-scale Atrous Convolution Networks for Food Places Classification in Egocentric Photo-Streams

Banu, S.N.[S. Nashrin] Co Author Listing * Human action classification in partitioned feature space

Banumathi, A. Co Author Listing * Dental cyst delineation using live wire algorithm
* Dental cyst diagnosis using texture analysis
* Inferior alveolar nerve canal segmentation by local features based neural network model
* P53immunostained cell nuclei segmentation in tissue images of oral squamous cell carcinoma

Banus, J.[Jaume] Co Author Listing * Large Scale Cardiovascular Model Personalisation for Mechanistic Analysis of Heart and Brain Interactions

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