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Bali, J.L. Co Author Listing * Statistical Inverse Method for Gridding Passive Microwave Data With Mixed Measurements, A

Bali, K.[Kunal] Co Author Listing * Satellite-Based High-Resolution (1-km) Ambient PM2.5 Database for India over Two Decades (2000-2019): Applications for Air Quality Management, A
* UPX: a new XML representation for annotated datasets of online handwriting data
Includes: Bali, K.[Kunal] Bali, K.

Bali, M.[Manik] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Vaisala RS41 and RS92 Upper Tropospheric Humidity Compared to Satellite Hyperspectral Infrared Measurements

Bali, N.[Nadia] Co Author Listing * Automatic accurate broken character restoration for patrimonial documents
* Bayesian Approach With Hidden Markov Modeling and Mean Field Approximation for Hyperspectral Data Analysis
* Hierarchical Markovian Models for Hyperspectral Image Segmentation
* Joint Dimensionality Reduction, Classification and Segmentation of Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Bali, N.[Nadia] Bali, N.

Bali, R.S.[Rasmeet Singh] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Blockchain Mechanism for Secure Internet of Drones Environment, A
* Intent-Based Network for Data Dissemination in Software-Defined Vehicular Edge Computing

Bali, Z. Co Author Listing * Documentation, using GIS techniques in conservation of a World Heritage Site, a case study of The Old City of Jerusalem

Balic, N. Co Author Listing * Canscan: An Algorithm for Automatic Extraction of Canyons

Balicevic, V. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Myofiber Orientation in High Resolution Phase-Contrast CT Images

Balick, L.K. Co Author Listing * Performance of the Multispectral Thermal Imager (MTI) Surface Temperature Retrieval Algorithm at Three Sites, The

Balicki, J.[Jerzy] Co Author Listing * Big Data Processing by Volunteer Computing Supported by Intelligent Agents

Balid, W. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Vehicle Counting and Classification Sensor for Real-Time Traffic Surveillance

Balidakis, K.[Kyriakos] Co Author Listing * Impact of Tropospheric Mismodelling in GNSS Precise Point Positioning: A Simulation Study Utilizing Ray-Traced Tropospheric Delays from a High-Resolution NWM
* Improving GNSS Zenith Wet Delay Interpolation by Utilizing Tropospheric Gradients: Experiments with a Dense Station Network in Central Europe in the Warm Season
* Water-Vapour Monitoring from Ground-Based GNSS Observations in Northwestern Argentina

Balidemaj, E. Co Author Listing * CSI-EPT: A Contrast Source Inversion Approach for Improved MRI-Based Electric Properties Tomography

Balieiro, A.A.S. Co Author Listing * Brazilian Amazonia Deforestation Detection Using Spatio-temporal Scan Statistics

Balieiro, C.P.[Cintia Palheta] Co Author Listing * Forest Restoration Monitoring Protocol with a Low-Cost Remotely Piloted Aircraft: Lessons Learned from a Case Study in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
* Mapping Key Indicators of Forest Restoration in the Amazon Using a Low-Cost Drone and Artificial Intelligence

Baligar, V.P.[Vishwanath P.] Co Author Listing * High compression and low order linear predictor for lossless coding of grayscale images

Baligh, A. Co Author Listing * Bare Earth Extraction from Airborne LIDAR Data Using Different Filtering Methods

Balik Sanli, F. Co Author Listing * Analysis of deformation patterns through advanced DINSAR techniques in Istanbul megacity
* Coherence and Backscatter Based Cropland Mapping Using Multi-temporal Sentinel-1 with Dynamic Time Warping
* Exploiting Multi-temporal Sentinel-1 Sar Data for Flood Extend Mapping
* Fusion of terrasar-x and rapideye data: a quality analysis
* Multi-source Data Approach for the Investigation of Land Subsidence In the Konya Basin, Turkey, A
* Testing The Generalization Efficiency Of Oil Slick Classification Algorithm Using Multiple Sar Data For Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
* Yield Estimation of Sunflower Plant With Cnn and Ann Using Sentinel-2
7 for Balik Sanli, F.

Balika, A.[Anupriya] Co Author Listing * Structure Is a Visual Class Invariant

Balikai, A.[Anupriya] Co Author Listing * Depiction Inviariant Object Matching
* Finding Semantic Structures in Image Hierarchies Using Laplacian Graph Energy
* Shapes Fit For Purpose
Includes: Balikai, A.[Anupriya] Balikai, A.

Balikci, S.[Stella] Co Author Listing * Using Remote Sensing to Analyse Net Land-Use Change from Conflicting Sustainability Policies: The Case of Amsterdam

Balim, C.[Caner] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Grid-Based Learning Approach for Recovering Unknown Depths in Kinect Depth Maps

Balinsky, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Colorization of natural images via L1 optimization
* Non-linear Filter Response Distributions of Natural Colour Images
* Sparse natural image statistics and their applications to colorization and compression

Balint Benczedi, F.[Ferenc] Co Author Listing * Ensembles of strong learners for multi-cue classification
Includes: Balint Benczedi, F.[Ferenc] Balint-Benczedi, F.[Ferenc]

Balint, K.[Katalin] Co Author Listing * On the Influence of Shot Scale on Film Mood and Narrative Engagement in Film Viewers
Includes: Balint, K.[Katalin] Bálint, K.[Katalin]

Baliosian, J. Co Author Listing * Image Colorization with Neural Networks

Balis, D.[Dimitris] Co Author Listing * Comparison of S5P/TROPOMI Inferred NO2 Surface Concentrations with In Situ Measurements over Central Europe
* Consistency of the Single Calculus Chain Optical Products with Archived Measurements from an EARLINET Lidar Station
* Effect of Aerosols, Tropospheric NO2 and Clouds on Surface Solar Radiation over the Eastern Mediterranean (Greece)
* Evaluation of Aerosol Typing with Combination of Remote Sensing Techniques with In Situ Data during the PANACEA Campaigns in Thessaloniki Station, Greece
* First Case Study of CCN Concentrations from Spaceborne Lidar Observations, A
* FTIR Measurements of Greenhouse Gases over Thessaloniki, Greece in the Framework of COCCON and Comparison with S5P/TROPOMI Observations
Includes: Balis, D.[Dimitris] Balis, D.[Dimitrios]

Balista, J.A.F.[Junius Andre F.] Co Author Listing * Compact time-independent pattern representation of entire human gait cycle for tracking of gait irregularities

Balitskiy, G.[Gleb] Co Author Listing * QPP: Real-Time Quantization Parameter Prediction for Deep Neural Networks

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