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Baktash, M.[Mahsa] Co Author Listing * Directional Space-Time Oriented Gradients for 3D Visual Pattern Analysis

Baktashmotlagh, M.[Mahsa] Co Author Listing * Beyond Gauss: Image-Set Matching on the Riemannian Manifold of PDFs
* Correlation-aware adversarial domain adaptation and generalization
* Deep discovery of facial motions using a shallow embedding layer
* Discriminative Non-Linear Stationary Subspace Analysis for Video Classification
* Domain Adaptation on the Statistical Manifold
* Dynamic resource aware sensor networks: Integration of sensor cloud and ERPs
* Few-shot Single-view 3-d Object Reconstruction with Compositional Priors
* Implicit Surface Representations As Layers in Neural Networks
* Keypoint-Aligned Embeddings for Image Retrieval and Re-identification
* Learning Landmark Guided Embeddings for Animal Re-identification
* Multi-Component Image Translation for Deep Domain Generalization
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation by Domain Invariant Projection
Includes: Baktashmotlagh, M.[Mahsa] Baktashmotlagh, M.
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Baktir, S. Co Author Listing * Collecting smart meter data via public transportation buses

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