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Bahi, H.[Hicham] Co Author Listing * Effects of Urbanization and Seasonal Cycle on the Surface Urban Heat Island Patterns in the Coastal Growing Cities: A Case Study of Casablanca, Morocco
* MLP for Binarizing Images of Old Manuscripts, An
* Speech Enhancement Based on Deep Autoencoder for Remote Arabic Speech Recognition
* Structural feature-based evaluation method of binarization techniques for word retrieval in the degraded Arabic document images
Includes: Bahi, H.[Hicham] Bahi, H.[Halima]

Bahi, M. Co Author Listing * Deep semi-supervised learning for DTI prediction using large datasets and H2O-spark platform

Bahillo, A. Co Author Listing * Optimization and Design of Wireless Systems for the Implementation of Context Aware Scenarios in Railway Passenger Vehicles
* Smartphone-Based System for Outdoor Data Gathering Using a Wireless Beacon Network and GPS Data: From Cyber Spaces to Senseable Spaces, A
Includes: Bahillo, A. Bahillo, A.[Alfonso]

Bahir, M.[Malik] Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Aggregation Properties of Thermal Infra-Red-Based Evapotranspiration Algorithms from 100 m to the km Scale over a Semi-Arid Irrigated Agricultural Area
* Evapotranspiration Estimation in the Sahel Using a New Ensemble-Contextual Method
* Soil Salinity Detection and Mapping in an Environment under Water Stress between 1984 and 2018 (Case of the Largest Oasis in Africa-Morocco)
Includes: Bahir, M.[Malik] Bahir, M.[Mohammed]

Bahirat, K. Co Author Listing * Novel Domain Adaptation Bayesian Classifier for Updating Land-Cover Maps With Class Differences in Source and Target Domains, A
* Real-Time, Curvature-Sensitive Surface Simplification Using Depth Images

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